5 Reasons To Invest Your Time Into Instagram Stories

5 Reasons To Invest Your Time Into Instagram Stories

Instagram has over 500 million users who view or post-Instagram stories daily, from sharing personal pictures to announcements. According to recent research, 60% of millennials post or keep updated with their friends and family stories. And 58% of users are willing to purchase products advertised on the story, so buy Instagram story views to increase sales. Instagram stories have a high tap forward rate, letting your news reach your audience quickly.

As a business owner or a creator, keep your online presence visible with the help of Instagram stories. Share at least one Instagram story daily to keep your audience feeling your presence. In addition, businesses and brands tend to post more Instagram stories that include details about your product to encourage sales. You can also read five compelling reasons you should invest your time in making creative Instagram stories.

They Can Boost Your Website

Initially, Instagram only allowed you to share links to redirect your audience to an external link. But now, with the help of link stickers available on Instagram stories, you can quickly drive traffic to your website. For example, share a new product or a new content link you published recently and ask your followers to check it out. With link stickers, you can let your audience reach the website with a single click. As a creator, you can also share google form links in your Instagram stories and ask your audience to help with your research.

They Can Help With Sales Of Products And Services

There are many ways you can sell your products and services with the help of Instagram stories. Many small business owners use Instagram stories to reach their products to target customers using shopping stickers, hashtags, and locations. Even if you do not have a verified Instagram account, you can use the shopping link to promote your products on Instagram stories. In addition, artists and musicians promote their products using link stickers to drive more sales. Share product launch countdowns and a behind-the-scenes sneak peek to increase your audience engagement. You can also ask for their feedback on what kind of products they want to purchase from your company. With Instagram stories allowing you to interact with your audience, you can clear doubts and misconceptions about your product.

They Help You Connect With Followers

Instagram stories give you the space to share messy pictures or video clips with your audience. You are often severe when sharing a reel or an image on your feed, but the Instagram story disappearing gives you more freedom to explore. With Instagram stories, your audience can see a sneak peek of your life and feel more connected with you. You can also reach out to your audience through questions or polls stickers and understand them personally. Maintaining a good relationship with your audience will drive more traffic to your profile entirely. When you connect with your audience, you can form a community where you can market your product. So, use Instagram stories effectively to communicate with your followers regularly.

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They Are Incredibly Interactive

While you cannot ask your audience to share their opinions by tapping on an option on your Instagram feed, it’s possible on Instagram stories. You can use many embellishments in your Instagram stories to interact with your audience. Increase Instagram story views by leveraging Earnviews and build a strong community for your Instagram. You can interact with your audience with stickers such as questions, polls, quizzes, or emoji sliders. Interactions with your audience need not always be serious; develop a chill conversation through Instagrams stories. You can also keep your audience as a part of your upcoming projects by getting feedback on them. Being an interactive creator or a brand is always appreciated by your audience, and they become your super fans.

They Are Visibly 

If you have carefully noticed, you might be aware that an average person has fewer Instagrams stories to go through compared to feeds. The above factor makes your Instagrams story posts incredibly visible to your audience. In addition, the fact that your Instagrams story disappears in a day decreases the competition to reach more people in less time. Finally, your Instagrams story can notify your audience about the posts they missed with factors like time zones and the Instagrams algorithm. 

You can also share your audience’s important announcements and exclusive updates with your Instagrams stories. As a creator on Instagrams, you can let them ask you questions and redirect them to your other platform for answers. Also, post video clips in your story, as people today like to consume visuals. Finally, share your new posts in your Instagrams story so your posts will not get buried among other posts.

Winding Up

Now you might have learned all the reasons why you should invest more time into Instagrams Stories. Always remember to keep your posts in your Instagrams story in the best quality possible. Please share Instagrams stories that are interactive rather than just fluff content. You can use a variety of stickers that are cute and interactive as well on your Instagrams stories. In addition, you can use gif stickers to make your Instagrams stories look funny and cute. 


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