5 Ways a Podcast Transcript Can Expand Your Reach

5 Ways a Podcast Transcript Can Expand Your Reach

In the past few years, we have experienced an explosion in podcasting. Millions of people have turned to listen to podcasts to learn, relax and laugh. Due to the increased tuning to podcasts, businesses and individuals have made them the new medium for creating and sharing unique and exciting content. However, to succeed with podcasting and keep listeners eagerly looking forward to more of your content, your need to go beyond relying solely on the podcast platform.

One way to achieve this is by converting the audio into readable format either in script format or onscreen. A structured podcast script helps ensure your content is quality and engaging to a wider audience. This can be achieved through transcription which is the translation of audio files into readable format.

Here are 5 ways in which transcription can help your podcast grow in popularity.

  1. Greater Accessibility

Despite being entertaining and educational, listeners with hearing difficulties may find it difficult to keep up with the conversations on podcasts thereby giving them a pass. Listening to the podcast may be exacerbated by crosstalks, speakers talking too fast or too softly and difficult to hear accents.

Transcribing your podcast makes it available to a larger audience that might not otherwise be able to listen to it. As a result, podcast transcripts are essential for those who are deaf or have hearing impairment.

Furthermore, podcast transcript also make it possible for non-native speakers and people with limited access to the podcasts due to various circumstances to tune in. What if your devoted listeners are in a noisy environment or do not have headphones nearby? Podcast transcripts help them to still follow the conversations.

  1. Content Repurposing for New Audiences

Wouldn’t you want to make the most of that brilliant podcast episode that you just produced? But how would you do it if you don’t convert it to readable formats to that you repurpose it? Making scripts for your podcasts enables you to make the most use of their rich content to boost engagement. It becomes easier to realize this through podcast transcription.

It’s not uncommon for podcasters to broadcast podcast videos on YouTube, or for their transcripts to be published as blog articles.

Podcasters who are still bloggers can use the text format of their podcasts to drive traffic to their websites. Instead of being forced to go back to the drawing board to come up with new content for your blogs, you can use the podcast transcripts as sources for quotes and content thereby saving yourself time and effort. After all, some people are more into reading than listening to audio.

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  1. Boost Your SEO with Keywords and Find New Listeners

A podcast’s transcript is a fantastic treasure trove of keywords that can help your content rank higher in search results. You may not be aware of it, but search engines are currently unable to track keywords in an audio format like your podcast.

With podcast transcripts, it is easier for search engines to pick up keywords to use in ranking your website. With the interesting discussion during podcasts, it is easy to rack up several different keywords which might be crucial when the podcast is converted into scripts. By uploading your podcasts together with their transcripts you will significantly bring more traffic to your website thereby increasing the number of listeners.

  1. Social Media Friendly

A strong social media presence is essential to the success of a podcast. Producing transcripts or written representations of your content makes it much simpler to share your podcast on various social media platforms. Text versions of highlights, interviews, and quotes are far simpler to share, which increases the likelihood that your material will go viral.

  1. Increase Your Visibility by Getting Mentions and Credit

With a podcast transcript to match your podcast, it becomes easier for other websites, and people to quote your podcast on other platforms such as Twitter, articles, or blogs. This helps create backlinks to your podcasts thereby boosting your page’s authority and SEO.

If there isn’t a transcript available, anyone who wants to quote something from
Without a transcript, someone who wants to quote your podcast would have to transcribe it themselves. That’s too much hassle for listeners, and you risk being misquoted or uncredited. Listeners can copy and paste quotes from a podcast transcript with proper attribution.

A helpful audio transcript makes it easy for researchers or bloggers to reference and mention your podcast. This increases your site’s inbound links. Quotes from a podcast transcript can be copied and pasted by listeners, who are then obligated to give proper credit.

Researchers and bloggers will find it much simpler to reference and talk about your podcast if you provide them with a helpful audio transcript. Your website’s number of incoming links will increase as a result of this.

Wrapping Up

Transcripts of podcasts can be used in a variety of ways to increase the audience reach of your show. You should, however, ensure that your podcast transcripts are of the highest quality and reliability regardless of whether you’re utilizing them for your research or distribution. It is possible to realize the benefits of podcast transcripts without the headache if you choose the top audio transcription service in the business.

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