6 Preventable Injuries that Can Lead to Personal Injury Claims

6 Preventable Injuries that Can Lead to Personal Injury Claims

Preventable accidents lead to preventable injuries throughout the year, every year. From car accidents to accidental burns, the victims of these preventable accidents often deal with significant financial and physical fallout. The first step in protecting yourself is understanding what types of accidents to watch out for. Six widely preventable injuries set the stage for personal injury claims: 

1. Poisoning 

Being poisoned can lead to serious physical and psychological damage. Since you’ll need to be seen by a hospital to take care of the poisoning safely, it also leads to often-devastating financial damages. Many people are poisoned due to preventable reasons every year. Poorly cooked food in restaurants, poorly prepared medicine and poor property management are some of the most common reasons. These tragic cases continue to affect innocent individuals due to the selfish, reckless actions of some business owners and property managers. When poisoned, contacting a personal injury attorney is the first step to gaining restitution. 

2. Car Accidents 

Car accidents are by far the most common preventable injury that Americans are affected by every single day. When your insurance payouts are not enough to cover the costs, or when you’re injured in an especially reckless car accident, the incident may lead you to file a personal injury lawsuit. Car accidents are some of the more dangerous and deadly accidents people deal with day-in-and-day-out as well. By practicing safe driving, and watching out for dangerous drivers on the road, you can protect yourself and others. 

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3. Slip and Fall Accidents 

Many people underestimate just how often slip and fall accidents occur. While a lot of people assume that people use minor slip and fall accidents to make a quick buck, this could not be further from the truth. Fractures, concussions, broken hips, spinal injuries, and even death are commonly associated with victims of slip and fall accidents. For elderly victims, the damages are often incredibly severe and can lead to life-threatening complications (especially if they injure their hip). Uneven surfaces, slippery surfaces, and tripping hazards are known to cause these tragic accidents

4. Burn Injuries 

Improperly cooked food, overly-hot coffee, radiation leakage, improperly-stored warm machines, and more can lead to preventable burn injuries. Car accidents and other major accidents can lead to serious burn injuries as well. One of the most infamous personal injury lawsuits in history actually involved a burn injury. When a customer at McDonald’s suffered horrific burns, they discovered that McDonald’s had been ordering employees to knowingly serve and cook coffee at dangerous temperatures (as it helped them save money). Many people still assume the lawsuit was frivolous, but this is simply not the case. 

5. Preventable Overexertion 

When an employer forces employees to work in dangerous, hot, or unreasonable conditions, their employees can easily become exhausted. Overexertion is incredibly dangerous, as it makes employees make mistakes, and forces them to put their bodies under distressing working conditions. If an employee is injured due to preventable overexertion, they can file a personal injury lawsuit (as well as a workers’ comp claim) to try and recover damages. If an employer tries to intimidate you into not filing this type of lawsuit or workers’ comp claim, you must find legal help to fight back. 

6. Dog Bites

The vast majority of dogs are friendly, lovely creatures. However, there are tragic cases where an aggressive dog ends up biting a human. When this happens, serious injuries and infections can occur. In most states, it’s assumed that the dog’s owner is at fault when a dog bites someone. Even in states where this is not the case, knowing that you can seek damages via a personal injury lawsuit is important. If you’re bitten by a dog, it’s worth visiting a medical professional to ensure you have all the proper vaccines needed to prevent dangerous infections and diseases. This will also help you ensure that you did not suffer nerve, tissue, or bone damage from the dog attack. 

A Personal Injury Lawsuit is Within Your Rights

Anytime that you’re injured through no fault of your own, it’s within your rights to bring a personal injury lawsuit against the party responsible for your injuries. Accidents happen, but negligence often leads to preventable accidents severely harming completely innocent individuals. By taking action quickly, and ensuring that you gather ample evidence, you can build a strong case against responsible parties. With the help of a personal injury attorney, you can move through the process, and receive a fair settlement, in an even quicker fashion. 

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