8 Ideas to Shoot and Edit Instagram Reels Videos

8 Ideas to Shoot and Edit Instagram Reels Videos

What exactly is an Instagram Reel? It’s not really just one thing—it’s a collection of video clips that show off who you are and what you do in the most interesting way possible. The best way to jump start your Reels is to try this tool. This collection can include your favourite Instagram videos, short snippets that show your expertise in some way. Any kind of video content you can create with the help of a video maker that you want to share with people on Instagram. Here are eight ideas to help you shoot and edit Instagram Reels videos right now!

1) Buy a Good Camera

Making an Instagram reel, or any video for that matter, requires great lighting. If you don’t have access to professional equipment, your smartphone will do, but if you can swing it, splurge on a good DSLR camera so you can shoot your videos in 4K quality. You may also want to consider purchasing some lighting equipment depending on what kind of video you’re making. With a video maker, you can use all sorts of tools to create beautiful videos.

2) Shoot Low

While it might be tempting to shoot your videos with your iPhone or DSLR camera at a high resolution, then scale down for your Instagram video, don’t do it. If you want to make an Instagram video that looks good when viewed on its native platform (and in other apps like Vine), you need to shoot it at a low resolution. The lower quality helps keep file sizes small, but what’s most important is how clear and detailed they look on small recorder. A video maker can help you create these videos quickly and easily. 

Here are some of our favourites: 

Promo.com App:

Promo also offers a video maker app which lets users take their videos from any device and turn them into shareable videos on any social network including YouTube, Instagram video makers etc. It doesn’t require any registration, login or signup process either!


Viddy has been around since 2012, so it’s no surprise that it integrates well with Instagram video makers. You can add filters directly from within Viddy before exporting your video to Instagram video makers for editing, making them easy to work with. 


Magisto was acquired by social media giant Facebook in 2014 and uses artificial intelligence technology to edit videos based on your photos or videos. However, another option would be promo.com’s video maker. It’s free and allows you to upload up to 5 videos per month. 

3) Get a Stabiliser

If you want professional-looking footage from your phone, you’ll need a stabiliser. Using a gimbal helps eliminate shakiness that’s inherent in cell phone videos, so if you have an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy, investing in one is worth it. Spare your hands with an extra accessory—you can even use your phone as a dash cam by attaching it to a car mount! With a video maker app like FiLMiC ProP you can make sure all of your shots are steady.

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4) Go Long (If You Can)

When you’re shooting handheld video, your body absorbs some of that movement. Because of that natural movement, you can get away with slower shutter speeds, allowing you to shoot at a lower ISO (which keeps things nice and clean). You don’t always have time for long exposures; if not, consider bumping up your ISO or using a tripod. If all else fails, consider shooting at night when there’s less light bouncing around.

5) Capture Real Life Moments With Text Overlays

Instagram has added text overlays to its story feature, giving businesses another tool for creating engaging video content. Adding an overlay text can help you add context around what’s happening in your videos, or just keep it short and sweet with a hashtag. While they don’t offer a way to change colour schemes or styles (like most editing apps), they do let you play with a variety of font options. You may also need screen recorder no watermark to capture what is happening on your desktop.


6) Record Interviews on Camera

If you want a dynamic, one-of-a-kind visual of your interviewee, ask them if they’d mind being recorded on camera. Recordings typically work best when each person is standing in front of a plain background (if you’re shooting outside, find a large swath of green that’s not obstructed by anything but sky). Encourage both people to face toward each other or toward an interesting view in the distance.

7) Record Your Own Voiceover

Whether you’re narrating your own video or want someone else to do it, how to record internal audio on mac your own voiceover is a great way of adding personality and authority to your Insta Goods. 

Here are a few tips on how to record it effectively: 

1) Get into an isolated room (so no one can hear you unless you want them too) 2) Wear headphones 

3) Have someone else read off a script while you follow along.

8) Edit and Add Music on Computer or Phone App

Editing your video will require post-production software. You could use programs like Apple’s iMovie or Adobe Premiere Pro, or you could simply download one of many free smartphone apps such as Magisto or Videoshop. Adding a soundtrack is easy with these phone editing applications, as well; just add a track from your computer, music library, or other source. It doesn’t matter if you edit on your phone with an app or on your computer—the goal is to finish!

Final Word

When you edit a video, ask yourself if you’re trying to show one main idea or is there something more. If you can sum up your key idea into a single sentence, it will help frame your entire video. Remember that knowing your viewers before shooting (and editing) will help add context and motivate them to watch. Asking yourself what they already know about my topic? What do they want? Who am I talking to? How does my story connect with them?

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