Amiri King – Motivational Speaker and YouTube Star

Amiri King – Motivational Speaker and YouTube Star

Amiri King is a YouTube sensation and a motivational speaker. He has a wide range of topics on his channel, including his upbringing, his rise to YouTube fame, and his battle with depression. Read on to find out more about him! We’ve gathered some facts about Amiri King past and his motivational speeches, which will help you understand him better.

Amiri King’s childhood

Amiri King was born in Louisville, Kentucky, in 1979. At the age of eleven, he ran away from his home after being beaten by his father. He spent years on the streets, eating scraps and sweeping gas station parking lots. He also lived in several shelters.

Although he was once a street urchin, Amiri King’s life has changed dramatically since then. Amiri King now has a YouTube channel with over 280,000 subscribers, and he mainly posts videos about cars. During his childhood, King was an outcast, living in the streets of Louisville. His mother was absent for most of his childhood, and he was beaten by his father. He ended up living on the streets for three years, and eventually escaped.

Although Amiri King’s life has changed dramatically, his childhood was not a happy one. He spent his teenage years working menial jobs, and eventually turned to a life of crime. Although he spent time in prison for armed robbery, he has overcome his past and is now a motivational speaker for at-risk youth.

Amiri King is Christian and Native American. His parents were divorced when he was a child. He was beaten by his father, and spent his teenage years living on the streets. During his teenage years, he worked on the streets and took menial jobs. He then decided to turn his life around, gaining fame and fortune in the process. Today, Amiri King lives with his wife, Sara Ruminski, a woman of Irish descent. The couple has three daughters together, though Amiri has not disclosed details about the relationship.

When he was 16, Amiri started a YouTube channel and gained followers. However, after having some issues, he stopped uploading content. He also deleted his entire channel. He then continued to share his comedy on Twitter. He returned to YouTube in 2012, with a Vlog and video called “Punch You In The Face.” The prank call videos soon began to gain subscribers.

Amiri was in a relationship with Sara Ruminski when he was only 16. His marriage to Sara was not publicized, and neither of them have said anything about their relationship. They have a daughter named Kennedy.

His rise to fame on YouTube

Amiri King is an internet star who was born and raised in Kentucky. His mother, Sara Ruminski, is of Irish descent and he is married to her. The two have three daughters. His YouTube channel has more than eight million subscribers and he has appeared on three Readers Digest covers. He has even been married to a woman who used to be a criminal. In addition to his YouTube channel, Amiri King also sells his art online and holds art classes at local high schools.

Amiri King had a rough childhood. He ran away from home when he was 11 years old. He was sentenced to prison for three years. The experience prevented him from finishing his education. In 2008, Amiri King began his YouTube career. He created a channel with the name RoyalMediaMafia and posted funny videos and parodies. Since then, his channel has received over 15 million views.

Amiri King’s rise to fame began with funny videos. His YouTube channel now has over 300 thousand subscribers and millions of views. Many people use his videos to relieve their stress. He has even teamed up with some well-known comedians. Despite his rising popularity on YouTube, King is not only a comedian, but a writer as well.

King’s childhood wasn’t easy, though. He was beaten by his father. During his teenage years, he worked menial jobs and ended up on the streets. After being released from prison, he decided to live a normal life and started a YouTube channel. In addition to creating hilarious vlogs, he also began speaking at local high schools. He is now considered one of YouTube’s Top 25 comedic artists.

Amiri King was born Tony Donovan Schork in Louisville, Kentucky, and chose the name Amiri King at the age of eighteen. He changed his name because he was not comfortable with his birth name and wanted to resemble the poets he admired, Amiri Baraka and Countee Cullen.

Besides writing comedy material for local comedians and selling his art, Amiri King also makes money writing comedy content for other comedians. As a result, Amiri King has earned over two hundred thousand dollars from his YouTube channel and has a net worth of $250k. Amiri King has two daughters and two other businesses outside of YouTube.

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His struggles with depression

Growing up in a single parent home, Amiri King experienced hardships that many other children don’t know about. At age 11, he ran away from home after being beaten by his father. He spent years living on the streets, sweeping gas station parking lots and surviving on scraps. He spent time in various shelters, but his life still wasn’t easy.

Amiri was 16 years old when he was sentenced to prison. At the time, he was unable to afford formal education. In addition to his rap career, Amiri King is active on social media. In February 2018, he tweeted about his ladylove, Sana Ruminski, which sparked rumors about a secret marriage. The couple has three children, including Kennedy, who was born on December 16, 2006. She is now 15 years old.

Although King is married to Sara Ruminski, he hasn’t disclosed much about his relationship with his wife. He has three daughters with previous relationships. His YouTube videos have been a huge hit, but he has a dark past. Before he started his career in YouTube videos, he was suffering from depression. His depression was so bad that he gave up his properties in anticipation of committing suicide.

King grew up homeless, but later turned his life around. He went on to become a motivational speaker to high school students. He also started working with at-risk children. He used his experiences as a guide to help them overcome similar situations. He suffered from depression for years and was hospitalized several times. Despite this, he has been able to find success with his channel, RoyalMediaMafia.

Amiri King’s net worth is unknown. However, her YouTube channel has attracted more than 302,000 subscribers. Her net worth is estimated to be around $250,000, despite her lack of disclosure. While her real net worth has not been revealed, she earns an estimated $1500 a month from her videos. Amiri King has several other sources of income as well.

His motivational speeches

Amiri King’s motivational speeches can be inspiring to audiences of all ages. King, who spent years in prison for armed robbery, is now an inspirational speaker and speaks to high schools and youth groups in his hometown. He changed his name in 1998 and is six feet tall with brown hair and light brown eyes.

The young comedian has built a large following on YouTube and other social media platforms. His comedy videos have received more than twenty million views. King also works as a writer for local comedians. While the Internet is an excellent medium for his content, his comedy skills are a big part of his success.

Amiri King has been married and has three daughters. His wife Sara Ruminski is not open about their love life, but she has shared pictures of their daughters. She also has a Twitter account and an Instagram account. Though she is a celebrity in her own right, she remains humble and thankful for the success she has achieved.

Amiri King has a passion for political issues. While he has a YouTube channel with over 300 thousand subscribers, he is also active on Facebook and Twitter. He has also defended President Trump’s locker room language and has made controversial statements. As a result, his views have been criticized by social justice warriors.

Amiri King was born Tony Donovan Schork, but changed his name to Amiri King at the age of eighteen. He chose his name because he admired poets and writers like Amiri Baraka. King spent time in the streets of Louisville, KY, before finding his way out. However, he eventually turned his life around and has become an extremely successful motivational speaker.

Amiri King is a motivational speaker and YouTube star. He shares his experience as a teen delinquent and has inspired students to stay away from illegal activities. His YouTube channel is full of a loyal following and he also earns from internet ads.

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