Behind the Scenes with Tixel: Exploring the Technology and Strategy That Drives Its Success in the Music Industry

Behind the Scenes with Tixel: Exploring the Technology and Strategy That Drives Its Success in the Music Industry

Discover the Technology and Tactics Behind Tixel’s Rise to Success in the Competitive Music Industry

Tixel is a rising star in the competitive music industry, disrupting the traditional ticketing resale market with its innovative technology and strategic approach. Tixel has grown to become Australia’s largest fan-to-fan ticketing platform and has now expanded into the UK and US markets.  With over 1.3 million registered users and more than $30 million in ticket sales last year Tixel is targeting upward. Tixel’s success is a testament to the power of combining cutting-edge technology with a community-driven approach. In this article, we’ll take a behind-the-scenes look at the technology and strategy behind Tixel’s success, and explore how the company is shaping the future of ticketing in the music industry.

Tixel’s Innovative Technology

Tixel’s ticketing technology ensures that every ticket sold is authentic and can’t be duplicated. This not only protects fans from purchasing counterfeit tickets but also helps event organisers avoid the negative consequences of scalping. In addition, Tixel’s technology allows for easy and secure transfers of tickets between buyers, which eliminates the need for paper tickets and physical box offices. Furthermore, their 10% price capping policy means that no ticket will be listed for extortionate prices that some resale platforms allow.  All of this has helped Tixel stand out in the industry as a leader in ticketing technology.

Their new SafeScan technology is cutting-edge.  As ticketing companies try new strategies to avoid bots buying up tickets and selling for extreme prices, Tixel is keeping up to make sure fans can keep reselling when they need to.  Some companies hold their tickets to release a week or even a day before the event limiting the opportunity for resell however Tixel only needs your confirmation of purchase email and their technology can parse through to authenticate your ticket for resale.  

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Tixel’s Strategic Approach

Tixel’s strategic approach to the music industry has been a key factor in its success. From the start, Tixel has prioritised building a strong community of music fans, rather than simply selling tickets.  The founders, music fans themselves who were inspired to start Tixel after being burned by fake tickets, know who their market is and creates an experience for them. This approach has allowed Tixel to differentiate itself from other ticketing platforms and has led to increased customer loyalty and trust.

Tixel’s focus on community building is evident in its growth marketing strategy, which prioritizes engagement and conversation with fans. The company has also established partnerships with key players in the music industry, such as venues and event promoters, to strengthen its brand and reach a wider audience. Tixel has also emphasised the importance of user-generated content, encouraging fans to share their experiences at events and to connect with each other on the platform. By building a strong community of music fans and emphasising engagement and user-generated content, Tixel has been able to create a unique and compelling experience for its users.

Tixel’s Partnerships and Collaborations

Tixel has formed partnerships and collaborations with a variety of companies in the music industry, including major event organisers, venues, artists and promoters. By working closely with these partners, Tixel has been able to offer its users access to a wide range of events and exclusive offers. In addition, Tixel these partnerships create a greater trust for users.  By working to benefit all music stakeholders, from fans to artists, Tixel has made a name as a trustworthy and beneficial member of the industry.  

The Future of Tixel

Tixel has already offered its ticketing platform to other industries beyond music, such as sports and theatre but is taking a more active role in growing this aspect of the platform.  In recent partnerships with F1 and the Australian Open, sports fans have better opportunities to buy and sell tickets on Tixel.  In addition, Tixel plans to continue innovating and improving its technology to provide even more value to its users and partners. With a strong focus on building and nurturing its community of fans, Tixel is well-positioned to continue its success in the music industry and beyond.


Tixel’s innovative technology, fan-first strategic approach, and partnerships and collaborations have all played a key role in its success in the music industry. As Tixel looks to the future, it will continue to push the boundaries of ticketing technology and build even stronger relationships with its users and partners. If you’re a fan or event organiser looking for a reliable and trusted ticketing platform, Tixel is definitely worth checking out.

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