Best Kept Secrets of New Orleans

Best Kept Secrets of New Orleans

New Orleans may not be the most popular  destination in the United States, but it certainly has quite a reputation. A lot of people are familiar with aspects of New Orleans, especially the city’s Mardi Gras celebrations and its beautiful architecture. However, New Orleans still has plenty of well-kept secrets that both residents and tourists can enjoy.


So if you find yourself closing on one of the New Orleans houses for sale and are looking for underrated places to visit, where should you look to? Here are some of the best-kept secrets of New Orleans. 

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New Orleans City Park

New Orleans City Park has been a part of the city for over 170 years, making it a huge part of the city’s history. Not only is this park extremely old, but it also is very large, consisting of 1,300 acres and standing as one of the largest urban parks in the country. This park has it all, including a botanical garden and an art museum.


Additionally, residents can come here to engage in outdoor activities such as fishing, walking, and hiking. For most people, the park is a nice place to get away and enjoy a nice picnic or some other relaxing outdoor activity. Although many of New Orleans ’ bars often get the hype, sometimes it’s nice to just relax and enjoy a great day outdoors.


Fritzel’s Jazz Pub

One of New Orleans’ features is its strong association with jazz, as the city played a key role in the growth of the genre. One of the most important locations for jazz today is Fritzel’s Jazz Pub, located in the Big Easy. Fritzel’s is a small pub, but it offers an authentic jazz experience that you can’t really find anywhere else in the country.


Fritzel’s has a dedicated jazz band performing every night, giving patrons authentic jazz music in a relaxed environment. If you find yourself in New Orleans, try to connect with the city’s roots and experience the local culture by enjoying some jazz at Fritzel’s.


The Cabildo

Originally The Cabildo was the governing point of New Orleans when the Spanish controlled the area. Today the building stands as a museum, reminding New Orleans residents of the city’s unique history. The building is home to the Louisiana State Museum, a museum that displays artifacts and exhibits relating to the region’s history.


The building itself is absolutely stunning, but the contents inside are equally as captivating. Louisiana has had a very interesting history switching between Spanish, French, and American control, and learning about the region’s past is fascinating. 


Brennan’s Restaurant

One of the better-kept secrets of New Orleans is Brennan’s Restaurant. In 1951, Owen Brennan and his chef created an iconic dish that is a huge part of New Orleans culture today. The dish, known as banana foster, is now one of the most sought-after dishes in New Orleans.


The dish is made from bananas and vanilla ice cream and then covered with a specially made sauce. While you can make this dish at home, Brennan’s does it best. People travel from all over the state to enjoy Brennan’s banana fosters, so you definitely need to check this iconic dish out. 

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