Can You Do Makeup With Your Glasses On? Know All About It Here!

Can You Do Makeup With Your Glasses On? Know All About It Here!

Makeup and glasses are the two things that are in fashion nowadays. But we often wonder whether we can wear both of these simultaneously. No matter how cute your glass frames are, they can pose some serious issues for your makeup. If you put on too much makeup, you may risk having weird shadows on your face due to different lighting. You put too little, and you may look washed or faded out. And let’s not forget the greenish glare on your glasses from your laptop screen.

Though applying makeup comes easy to some people, it may seem like a difficult task for glass wearers. A pair of glasses may make the task of using and maintaining makeup tough, but that shouldn’t come in the way of wearing your favorite products and being the fashionable diva you want to be. To get all this, all you need are the right makeup application techniques.

Another thing that we need to see is that our glasses match the shape of our faces. Our glasses should be comfortable and enhance our facial features. Some of the companies selling the best type of glasses are Lenskart in Dubai and Lenskart UAE.

To get your face to shine even behind the glasses, here are a few tips!

  1. Eyebrows

Shape your eyebrows and ensure that your eyebrows’ shape matches the size and style of your specs. Going for the thinner frames? Opt for a more defined look by using a brow pencil to enhance them. On the other hand, thinner brows will work best with more extensive and bolder frames. This small change in your routine can impact your face and change the makeup game.

  1. Color Your Eyelids

Girls wearing eyeshadow think that pulling that look will not be easy and go for lenses rather than glasses. But creating a beautiful eyeshadow look is easy and just requires you to keep a few things in your mind. Using blushed and neutral tones, you can opt for a natural, everyday look. 

You can always try deeper and more dramatic eyeshadow colors for a party look. Some of the best eyeshadow palettes are offered by Maybelline. Use the eye shadow colors normally as you would, and don’t let them stop you from being creative.

  1. Define Your Eyes With An Eyeliner

Everyone thinks that to make your eyes stand out, you need to use bold eyeshadow colors, which is not valid. Using eyeliner, you can use simple, natural, and blushed-out colors and still make your eyes visible in the best way possible. It may be a thin line on your upper lash line or a bold dark one. You may use subtle colors like black or brown or dark and contrasting colors like blue to compliment your features.

  1. Kajal

Kajal is the best way to show you have makeup on your eyes without putting too much effort. A kajal adds volume to your eyes and intensifies your makeup even through the glasses. You can also use kajal to smudge it on your eyelashes to give it a voluminous look. 

  1. Mascara

Go heavy on the use of mascara. One of those products gives your eyelashes an illusion of a voluminous look. Although makeup wearers with glasses are scared of this particular product as it may smudge and mess up your look and your glasses. But Maybelline New York Lash Lift Waterproof Mascara is your savior.

This mascara gives you lifted, thick and long lashes, too, with no clumps, smears, or flakes. While using the mascara, make sure you use more product at the base of your eyelashes. Also, avoid using lengthening mascaras as extra long lashes might scratch your glasses; instead, use volumizing or curling mascara to get that voluminous look. 

  1. Apply Your Makeup in a Well-Lit Area

If you wear glasses, then you know how easy it is to miss a spot or apply too much makeup in one spot. To avoid these types of mistakes, sit in a well-lit area while applying makeup. The correct lighting will help you see that the foundation shade is appropriate for you or that you don’t miss a spot while applying eyeshadow and kajal. 

  1. Wear Brightening Eye Makeup

Want to try a smokey eye but are afraid of not being able to pull it off? The hack for a smoky eye is to brighten the area around your eyes or conceal your under-eye area and look for shimmery, warm shades of eyeshadow to help your eyes stand out from behind those glasses.

  1. Wear a Bright Lip

Although your eyes are the focal point if you wear glasses, don’t forget about your other features. Use those colors of lipsticks that complement the frames of your glasses. For a subtle look, try playing within the same color family. For example, if the color of your frames belongs to the purple family, then go for lip colors like lilac, lavender, or a light purple tone. The color of the frame and your lips must complement each other but should not match. 

  1. Use More Blush

People say that using too much blush is a big no for people who wear glasses. But do not fall into this hole of lies. Since a large portion of your face is covered with the frames, you must highlight the visible portion more, like by using a blush to highlight your cheeks.

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Wrapping Up

All the above-mentioned tips and tricks are only a few ways to highlight your makeup from beneath those frames. Some others are – using a mattifying primer on the bridge of your nose will prevent your glasses from slipping and sliding; use a highlighter on certain areas to highlight features like cheekbones, nose, chin, etc. 

Another important thing is to not wear dramatic eyeshadow and glasses at the same time. Be beautiful and break that myth of not wearing glasses with makeup. Lenskart is one of the top brands which serves you with some of the most attractive glasses. Their best-in-class eyewear collections help you stay stylish all the time. 


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