Chadar Trek | The Natural Wonder

Chadar Trek | The Natural Wonder


Chadar trek is the best present in Ladakh compared to all the natural wonders in it. This trek is offering persistence and survival for the nature lovers and people. It is indirectly conveying how to survive in between the terrains at the temperature of 0°C. You will get a chance to know how the living conditions are in their cultures, especially how they got habituated there. If you trek in between from the dramatic gorge along with the frozen waterfall it will span out as “Chadar” which is a mirror of the sky. We can gain all sorts of enthusiastic activities like resting in caves, having bonfires during campaigns at freezing temperatures. Although it is a dangerous journey, just taste it with the best facilities offered by the tour planners.

How to reach

To reach out the Chadar trek is traveling by air: Kushok Bakula Rimpochee airport is the very near located airport which is pinned in Leh. This airport is well attached to many of the international airports. Such as in India like Delhi, Srinagar,Jammu, Chandigarh and many best destinations in India.

Things to carry

  • You need to focus on carrying first aid, medical kit,and Oxygen meter.
  • You need to arrange supported guides for trekking.
  • It’s good to maintain separate groceries,ration, utensils,and tents during the trekking period.
  • There are no worries about carrying extra luggage as in Leh you have a chance to keep that there.
  • Sleeping bags of mutilated helps you to cope up with even -25°C.
  • Although the campaign provides a mattress , think well about the frozen temperature. And maintain an extra  mattress to fight against the cool temperatures.

Best time to visit

The best time to plan a visit to the Chadar trek through the Frozen Zanskar River is during the winter season during the months of January and February. The most trekking carry out period by the groups in Chadar trek is in between from mid June to end February. The main reason to trek over Chadar trek is all about bagging everlasting thrill. But necessary cautions need to be taken.

Level of difficulty

The only major difficulty which we can confront at Chadar trek is coping with harsh climatic conditions. The trek is standing 13,000 feet  above sea level. The entire restless journey of trekking may cause exhaustion over trekkers. So we need to maintain ourselves with high endurance. It may seem to be the most difficult trek spot for beginners.

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Reasons to do

Reasons to do trek over the Chadar trek are:

  • You can experience the best trekking environment compared to any other trek in India.
  • The ever seen sights are offered which mesmerises our mood.
  • Although we are choosing over the most challenging trek,you can experience the best fun ever.
  • You can feel a new world experience.
  • As it does not have any steep slopes,there is no need for professional training for trekking. But we can’t take it simple. As the climatic conditions are the most challenging factors over there.
  • We can bag a new ultimate experience with the sceneries around there.

Places to visit

Places to visit around the Chadar trek and during the trekking. Pangong lake which is a famous place in Leh Ladakh and one of the bollywood film 3 idiots was shot there. Zankar valley which is pinned in the Kargil district which is nestled with the semi desert snow capped mountain regions and vast collection of flora and fauna species. Magnetic hill which is placed in Ladakh is another interesting attraction which makes the vehicles float and moves the people to the trek peak. Khardung-La is a road which acts as a gateway for the shyok and nubra valleys. Leh palace which is now trending as a museum for the swept history of Leh. Nubra valley which offers vast production of Bactrian camel rides, orchards and monasteries.

About the locals

The locals around the Chadar Lake Trek region are very friendly and cooperative.You will be welcomed with open arms at the local accommodation places and guest houses. As the trek is not so close to civilization we don’t have any problem to confront. Although the locals around there explicits the best of their living conditions which are helpful for the trekkers.

Some facts

  • Chadar trek is one of the treks which challenges and tastes the tough conditions to the trekkers over the entire Himalayan region.
  • The only communication for the Ladakh region is the winter season which makes the frozen Zanskar River.
  • You can be introduced to a new path when the road construction from Chilling to Padum is over.
  • After the completion of this new road construction the way through the frozen Zanskar River is shut down.

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