Guide On How to Choose a Gold Chain to Fit Your Style

Guide On How to Choose a Gold Chain to Fit Your Style

Gold chains are notorious for being the onestop gold accessory for completing your expensive and shiny look, which may be an idea born since gold chains are one single type of item. Are you aware of how many main types of chains are out there? These chains come in many different shapes and sizes, and choosing the best 10k gold chains for you might become cumbersome if you add a pendant to the mix. Let’s see what you need to do before buying.

Top 5 Things to Remember Before Buying:

Here are X things you must remember to go hunting for the best chain. We are not saying you have to have the detail of all gold chain styles, but simple knowledge will always help you.

1.Know What You Want, Tell Them What You Need:

Knowing what you want from gold chains for your style is half the journey of great style as some of the chains are quite masculine, so if you are a female, you might want to stay away while others can withstand daily stress and wear, which is a plus point for some. Then there is the choice of a pendant or without a pendant, ultimately knowing what to buy or what to stay away from, which can help you avoid impulse buying. Following are some main types of gold chains available commonly.

Chains with Beads and Balls Their inspiration most probably comes from rosaries or chaplets as they are connected balls with small chains or pieces to give them ease of movement and quite popular among men. The popularity typically comes from the fact that these designs incorporate dog tags, which signifies men going to war for their beliefs. The following are some great designs for beads and balls.

 Moon Cut Bead Chain  Material: White Gold    Price: $289
 Dog Tag Bead Chain    Material: Sterling Silver  Price: $91
 Combat Ball Chain    Material: White Gold    Price: $1,035

Chains with Box Links This chains design is quite like Cuban links or like some watches but more compact. The prime reason for this style is their easy repairability, just like watches. If one link breaks, it’s easier to connect with a new link. Following are some stunning designs for your outlook that you want as this is popular among both sexes.

 Luxurman Unisex Design  Material: 10K Gold    Price: $299
 Luxurman 14K Design  Material: Pure Gold    Price: $729
 Women Gold Plated Sterling Silver Design      Price: $29

Chains with Cable links A most common design resembling common chains but elegant nonetheless, popular with box sexes and has sizes and ranges to suit all as follows.

 Luxurman Extendable Design  Material: 14K Gold  Price: $142
 Textured Link Design  Material: 14K Gold    Price: $264

Cuban Link Chains One of the most popular with rappers and athletes due to their weighted look signifying wealth and popularity imitated by cheaper brands for the common masses. It can be really expensive sometimes.

 Cuban Link Necklace    Material: 1.5 Kilo Gold  Price: $79,950
 Miami Curb Chain    Material: White Gold    Price: $2,195
 15 Carat Choker    Material: Diamond/Gold  Price: $18,000

Figaro Chains Not as heavy as the chokers and fancier than simpler counterpart the cable chains. This design brings its roots from Italy, having intricated design patterns of different styled flattened links. Each large link is connected by smaller links to give it a different look.

 Unisex Hollow Design  Material: Gold    Price: $408
 Men’s Figaro Chain    Material: Gold    Price: $322


2.Know Thy Strength:

When choosing a chain for daily and regular wear, you should choose one that can take the brunt of it, and all the linked chains are strong and sturdy. In this case, Cuban, Figaro, and anchor are especially strong. The strength of these chains is primarily due to the following reasons.

 The links are soldered very carefully.
 No matter the size and weight of the link, they will still be stronger.
 Most of these link chains aren’t bendable when considering the individual links, making them even more durable.
 Their ease of replacement makes them a great choice.


3.Go With Your Choice of Material:

Here we are not talking about gold, platinum, or silver, but for the moment, only gold and how different gold types are applied to the chains. The main types and their attributes are briefly discussed here.

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Solid Gold – Even though they can range between 14K – 24K made from solid gold, ultimately, all of these have a good combination of good looks and strength, so higher quality means lower strength while lower carats mean more strength but lesser shine.

Gold Plated Plating is done by submerging non-gold alloy or material into molten gold. This process gives any material the shine and looks of gold at a fraction of the cost, but the shine doesn’t last long and needs great care for a long-lasting look.

Hollow Gold These have hollow space inside as in with tubes. The primary reason behind them is the use of less gold and making it cheaper. In general, the hollow chains are, even though cheaper, are less sturdier too.

4.Know The Quality:

The following key points are necessary when buying a new gold chain to be aware of fakes and scams.

Hallmark – Look for tiny engravings on known brands and manufacturers. These can be found hidden, so know where to look. This engraving or hallmark is a sign of purity and surety that you are buying the actual item.

Porcelain Test – When rubbing against unglazed porcelain tile, if it leaves a golden yellow stain, it is real gold, while if it leaves a black streak, then it is a fake typically made of pyrite.

Magnet This is the first test we recommend you do; it is simple and would remove a lot of ambiguity. No gold is magnetic, so you will at least know it isn’t from a magnetic metal.

5.Know Your Style and Outlook:

Our final tip is to go for what you want for the best outlook and not follow the bandwagon. If you are still unsure, search online what other men are wearing; in this way, you can understand how different styles look on other men making your choice easier.

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