Hampta Pass trek: A post lockdown trek.

Hampta Pass trek: A post lockdown trek.

Lockdown comes with the trend of working from home over the online medium, this further seizes the least possibility of stepping outside the home. Thus, experiencing the blues within the confines of the four walls. To sort your post lockdown tour plan, Hampta Pass trek BanBanjara is here with its charming appeal to allure you towards itself. Hampta Pass trek assures its seekers an enchanting and refreshing trek that liberates them from all the suppressed emotions. With every passing adventurous challenge in the trek, you unwind one thread attached to your melancholic self.

Surprise yourself

Entering a horizon of wonders, the trail to Hampta Pass introduces you to spontaneity in every essence of it. The destination sits on a surface over 14,010 ft. above sea level. The biggest advantage of partaking in this trial is that it is advantageous to both beginners and veterans alike. Provided that the trail is attained after the lockdown, both experienced as well inexperienced individuals will encounter modest difficulty to overcome different terrain after a long pause and lazing off at home.

Uniqueness at its best

The real trek begins from Jobra, which is attainable after a drive from Manali. The trek from Jobra to Chika is a relaxing and easier one than that of the upcoming days. You trail through effortlessly while absorbing the ravishing beauty of the landscape. The other two days pose the real challenge and excitement of crossing distinct landforms. The nights are magical in every campsite you perch. This makes the Hampta Pass trek stand out from others. You finally realize that the ceiling of your room is not surrounding above, rather the celestial sky is delighting your soul.

Rest and Ease

There are a total of 4 campsites where you rest and all of them possess unique features to amaze you with their splendor. The Chika campsite thrills you with the cascading River Nalah, the Balu-ka-Ghera campsite hoards your excitement of achieving the peak the next day, the Sheagoru campsite offers you a view of undulating mountains which are terrific and barren. Sitting on a giant rock and inhaling the beauty of the landscape at Sheagoru leaves you philosophical. Descending towards the Chatru Campsite surprises you with the enchanting Chandratal Lake if you take the restless 29km drive to Chandratal from Chatru. The day at Chandratal lake is all yours to decide if you want to spend more time with the blend of mountain, sky, and the pristine lake. It is inexplicably breathtaking to observe the inner peace there.

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The gratifying peak

The Hampta Pass peak is one in a million destinations around the world that will leave you wonderstruck. The peak is exceptionally accomplishing and achievable at every circumstance if visited between June to September, avoiding the winter months when it is overtly pile up with snow. The Hampta Pass peak is attainable as well as equally pleasant as any other difficult trek. The Hampta Pass trek serves the purpose of both a thrilling trail and an accomplishing peak. It is not surprising to admit that thousands of tourists attempt this trek just to experience the Himalayan heights without struggling much for Everest-like peaks. Believably they are convinced to believe in the supremacy of the Himalayas after this trek.

Admire the Vegetation

Hampta Pass trail is exquisitely defined as fast-flowing River Nalah compensating the fissure created in the middle of the Hampta Valley. The moraines and boulders make it possible for the trekkers to advance ahead. The clear meadows scattered with pine, oak, and maple trees equalize its terrain with any other Himalayan treks. The collection of magnificent flowers secludes the valley from others. Alongside a wide range of Flora, the fauna never steps back in appearing to be impressive. The flock of sheep and horses carrying lambs on their back are so playful and adorable that you would irresistibly start playing with them.


The Hampta Pass was named after the Hampta Maharishi who used to meditate in one of the gigantic rocks over the valley which you come across along the trail. Achieving the height, you find a sense of that is beyond compare. The treasure trove to this adventurous trek is the distinct terrain and the valley which is created by the space left by Lahaul and Kullu in between their elevation. 

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