One’s future is shaped by one’s college education. When attending college, most students want to concentrate on their studies. Nonetheless, college has more to offer than academics alone. As well as making friends, participating in extracurricular activities, and even taking on leadership roles, here students also make new connections. I recommend that you live a wholesome life while you are in college. In other words, enjoy the process of studying. 

In college, there are often parties. For example, students throw birthday parties, organize cultural events, or plan their own fun events. People participate in these events by playing games, interacting with each other, and even drinking alcohol. 

There is no definite answer for students regarding whether they should attend this college dorm party. There have often been instances of theft during these parties, as well as sexual harassment. Many individuals feel unsafe when they attend such events. Having fun at college parties is great, but how can you make sure you’re safe? These tips will help.

Don’t miss out on the party if you’re hungry

Maintaining your physical and mental health is important when attending parties. So, before drinking the alcohol at these parties, you should eat the right foods. Despite the fact that the party planners may say that food will be provided, you should not rely on their word. Some people have problems getting enough food, or they may be on a strict diet and cannot consume certain foods.

Taking alcohol on an empty stomach may make you feel sickly, which is another reason why you should eat before going to parties. If you don’t eat before you go to parties, you may experience blackouts. Make sure you eat before heading out to a party so you won’t become vulnerable after drinking.

You should go to college parties with trusted friends

You don’t just look to your friends for assistance when you need to write a paper. At parties, you also need them to keep an eye on you. Students typically flock to college events in large numbers. It is likely that some people will be unfamiliar to you. It’s important to know that everyone at the party is not a student, so you shouldn’t assume you’ll be safe. 

You’re likely to know when you’ve drunk too much when you have the right friends. You can rely on them when you’re too tired to take care of yourself. Additionally, keep the people you came with when you leave parties.

Make Sure Your Phone Is Charged and Working

It is not uncommon for college events to attract large crowds. You can easily lose touch with your friends when you are having fun. When you are with people you do not know, your safety may be compromised. You should keep communication open, just like on reputable websites like us.master

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Make sure your phone is charged before attending parties so your friends can find you. Set up a WhatsApp group where each of you updates each other periodically on where you are. Don’t forget to take care of your friends as well. You should also make a habit of texting or calling a friend who you came with.

Party goers often give their phones to friends to carry during the party. This can lead to the phone being left unattended while the party is going on. Losing your phone is a consequence of such practices. Make sure you always have your phone on you by wearing clothing with pockets large enough to carry it around. You should also value your phone as much as you would your writing service.

Don’t drink more than you can handle

Partygoers are prone to getting carried away with the events of the party and drink way beyond their limits. You become more vulnerable as a result. Follow these tips to drink as responsibly as possible. 

  • If you begin to feel tipsy, stop drinking alcohol
  • Monitor yourself with the help of a friend
  • It’s a good idea not to take someone else’s drink

A Word of Closing

A college event is a lot of fun. Just remember to stay safe when you attend. Stay in touch with your friends, eat appropriately, go to parties with people you trust, and attend parties with your friends. In addition, try not to drink too much.

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