How to Avoid Relapse After Leaving Halfway House in Ohio?

How to Avoid Relapse After Leaving Halfway House in Ohio?

One of the concerns family and friends of a recovered addict have is that of relapse. Till you are in a recovery program, you have a strong support system. Once you begin to live on your own, in the real world, you come across temptations. 

Here comes your real test. 

So, how do you prevent relapse after leaving one of the halfway houses in Ohio

Here are a few simple steps recommended by experts.

  1. Get a sponsor

People in a 12-step program know that one of the ways to prevent a relapse is to have a sponsor. They are people who have gone through obstacles and overcome them successfully. They are the best people to connect with when you feel you are shaky in your resolve. Although having a sponsor is not mandatory, experts recommend having one. Or else you could have a trusted friend, a family member with whom you are frank, or somebody in a halfway house with whom you are utmost comfortable to talk. 

Important tip:

Have the number of your most trusted friend or sponsor on the speed dial. As soon as you feel uneasy or the lowest, call them. This is a crucial time when you need support. If you don’t, the chances of relapse are high. 

  1. Detect those “feelings of relapse”

During your sessions in sober living, you may have learned about certain indicators of relapse. They begin with a feeling and can lead you to reach for a drink. According to therapists, these feelings typically are:

  • Hunger
  • Anger
  • Loneliness
  • Tiredness

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These are simple, but powerful feelings and often have deeper roots. During a recovery program and your stint in a halfway house in Ohio, you learn to recognize these feelings and dig deep into the roots of the feelings. This is important if you wish to avoid a Relapse. 

For example, you are feeling lonely. This can tempt you to drink. However, if you keep yourselves busy, socialize well, or pursue a hobby, learn new skills, or maybe take up a job, you might not feel lonely. Meditation helps you feel good about yourself. 

Remember, there is a difference between being alone and being lonely. You could be lonely in a crowd. You could be happy and comfortable alone. 

Please take care of yourselves more. This is not selfish; this is self-care. 

Don’t let feelings consume you. If you do, it becomes hard to stay sober. 

  1. Use your willpower often

Your willpower can make you do things you never imagined you could do. It can make you become sober and stay sober. Your willpower is put to test in sober living homes. And it has almost to fight when out in the real world. Face it – the temptation is everywhere. 

Remember; we always have a choice. Will power is nothing but our will. Something we wish to do. The badly we want to do, the more powerful the will becomes. 

So, how do you fare in your willpower?

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