How to Highlight Notes Effectively?

How to Highlight Notes Effectively?

A lot of students love highlighting different types of text because it helps them remember important information easily and quickly. However, highlighting without considering some important tips and tricks can end up affecting your entire study experience less effective. 

Therefore, in this article, you will get to know about the top 5 tricks of how to highlight notes so that you can maximize the benefits of highlighting. 

Tip # 01 – Know What You Are Highlighting

Highlighting without any specific goal in mind is useless. It will only damage your notes and result in wasted time and ink. It is important to take a goal-oriented approach to highlight your notes. 

You should keep the following three factors in mind while highlighting:

  • Content of the text. 
  • Benefits of highlighting the text. 
  • What information you must have to achieve your goal. 

By keeping these factors in mind, you will be able to focus on the important parts of the text while highlighting. Make sure that you have already read the text when you are highlighting. Otherwise, there is a high chance that you will end up highlighting some irrelevant text as well. 

Tip # 02 – Choosing the Perfect Colors

Choosing the right colors is important to maximize the benefits of highlighting. Don’t overwhelm yourself with choosing a lot of colors. Instead, pick around three to five colors and stick to them while highlighting.

Moreover, strike a balance between bright and mild colors. Pastel highlighters are the best at making the text prominent without it being harsh on your eyes. Use dissimilar colors so that you can easily distinguish between different types of information while revising the text.

Tip # 03 – Highlight in Different Ways

There are many different ways of highlighting a text other than simply using the highlighter over the text. You can underline the important points and highlight the main terms and headings. Similarly, you can create a box around the statistical and mathematical formulas. 

There are no hard-and-fast rules when it comes to learning how to highlight notes. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you develop your own way and system of highlighting so you can get maximum benefits from it. 

Different types of subjects have varying information. It is now always necessary to highlight the definition, dates, and important names. Sometimes, your instructors also drop hints in lectures about what type of questions you can expect in a test or final exam. 

You should highlight such things to ensure you can revise them before the exams. Identify the different types of content or topics that seem more important and use a personalized color coding system to grasp information quickly and efficiently.

Tip # 04 – Highlight Moderately

The entire goal of highlighting notes is to help you memorize important information. You should be consistent in highlighting your notes so that you never miss any important points, such as facts and definitions. 

However, make sure that you are highlighting the notes in moderation. There is no benefit to highlighting entire paragraphs. Over-highlighting kills the benefits as you won’t be able to distinguish different information in this case. 

Focusing on the quality of highlighting will allow you to maximize its benefits. You can even set up a limit for yourself, such as one or two sentences per paragraph. Ultimately, the goal of highlighting notes – making the important information prominent – should always be in your mind. 

Tip # 05 – Annotation

In some situations, the highlighted information might not be enough to fully convey the point it wants to make. It typically happens where concepts and events are interlinked, such as in a history subject. 

In such a situation, you should annotate the text to add more information, such as key terms, definitions, and questions that will help you in preparing a topic in a more efficient manner. It will also help you at a later time when you are preparing for an exam. 

Tip # 06 – Focus on Active Studying

Knowing how to highlight notes is important to keep track of the important information, but you should not make it the only way of studying. Instead, you should have an active studying approach that involves practicing what you are learning. 

It means you should thoroughly prepare your notes and start practicing different tests and past paper questions to get the most out of your study sessions. Once you have highlighted your notes, it will become easier for you to revise them before the exams. Having short study sessions is much more effective than lengthy study sessions. 

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By following these six important tips and tricks on how to highlight notes, you should be in a very good position to highlight all of the important information in your study notes and textbook. Ultimately, it will help you in quickly revising the notes before a test or exam and get good grades by acing the exams. 

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