How To Monitor Who Has Watched Your Profile?

How To Monitor Who Has Watched Your Profile?

TikTok is a well-known social media platform because the application has many users. If you are an innovative person or interested in acting, there may be a chance to shine as a famous star on this platform. A Specially designed uncanny algorithm takes video to anyone who does not even visit your page. However, you can’t go viral overnight, and you have to follow some tricks to drive a large audience.  

Are you a creator who has chosen TikTok as a career path? Don’t worry, and here we will help you give some worthwhile strategies to save money and time. Is it possible to drive a vast audience community to your account? Yes, of course, it is possible, and check out this article to know magic tricks to get more TikTok followers. If you want to get more followers, you can buy TikTok fans that help drive more audience and increase your website’s traffic. More interactions for the posted video will reach your videos on the “For you page.”A creator needs to view the fans list and read comments who have considered your video. Whether you are a newbie or a famous creator, always notice who is watching your profile. Here we will elaborate on all the things you can view from your account and use analytics to understand your viewers.

Is It Possible To Check Who Has Visited Your Account?

If you post videos regularly, you may be curious to know who has visited the profile, which might help improve your engagement and profile growth. According to the study, from 2022, you can monitor who has viewed your profile if both creator and viewer enabled profile view settings. As everyone knows, anyone can watch public profiles because this platform supports reaching someone worldwide. When you allow the profile view setting, you will access the history of all of your profile viewers from the past 30 days. However, viewers also have to enable profile views on their accounts, or else the application will not show them in the profile viewer list. To know the number of followers that have seen your videos, you should activate profile settings.

Activation Of Profile Viewers Settings

  • Open the application and click on the “Me” icon at the bottom right corner of your screen. Are you able to see the profile screen? If yes, continue the steps. Orelse update the TikTok application
  • Can you see six vertical lines (Timeline icon) present below the “Edit profile”? If yes, you have enabled the profile viewer settings. Now everything is getting ready, and you can see the number of viewers who have visited your profile.
  • Still, you can’t monitor the profile viewers, and then go to your videos in the bottom left corner, and you can visit the number of viewers. However, here you can’t see who viewed your post. The number of views is also a valuable indicator for tracking your video reach and users’ engagement. 

If the creator doesn’t feel satisfied with the number of views, you should include certain tricks. For example, you can post recent trending videos, provide high-quality content, participate in hashtag challenges and buy followers.

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Customized And Control Viewers

Like other social media engines, you can stop viewing profiles and photos. The only way to customize your profile is to block some followers from viewing your account. Read below to make a private account:

  • Go to the “Me” section
  • Click on the three-dot icon available in the top-right corner
  • Head back to privacy settings
  • Switch your account from a public to a private account

Can You See Other Profiles Without Their Knowledge?

A newer version of TikTok will not show the viewers until the user switches to public settings. The platform lets you visit competitors’ profiles without knowing them with these advanced settings. Whereas in the older version, if you view others’ profiles, it will notify them. The solution here is to use the account viewer so that no one will see who has viewed their videos or profiles. However, this method will work for creators who have a public account, and you can’t access the profile of a private account holder.

Reason For Not Getting Views On TikTok

Newbies to these applications usually search for ways to get more views because, at the initial stage, they will not get the desired reach. It is necessary to solve this problem instead of waiting for views that will not lead to more followers. You should capture high-quality content, add hashtags, and also don’t copy competitors’ methods.


TikTok shows creators the number of viewers who visited their profile in the past 30 days. However, it works when both viewers and creators enable the profile view settings to view who has seen your videos. Even with the number of visitors to your video, you can decide on the engaging content. You can still notice other metrics such as several viewers, comments, like, and watch time with the help of analytics. The above-stated platform itself has numerous features that help to make content for influencer and video content creators.

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