How to Rotate Your PDF Files Online With GogoPDF

How to Rotate Your PDF Files Online With GogoPDF

You may be wondering when it would ever be necessary to try out this new cloud service called The truth is, it would be very handy if you subscribed to the service because they have many online tools that can help you in your career. And one of the most commonly needed tools would be the “rotate PDF” one.

Why Do You Need to Rotate Your PDF Files?

You would need to rotate PDF if you receive a PDF document from someone and it turns out to be upside-down or askew. Can you imagine the headache that would cause if you were headed to a meeting and your team member submits that kind of PDF to you for that conference? You would be the laughingstock of the office if you presented an askew PDF to the boss.

The good news is that you don’t have to settle for an upside-down or askew PDF because of time constraints. can help you with its rotate PDF tool. Within minutes, the website will help you rotate the PDF document to the correct orientation to look and read like a normal document. You will be applauded, not laughed at, during the meeting then.

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How Does It Work?

First of all, you need a PDF that requires rotation to the correct orientation. This PDF document should be saved on your device, which could be your desktop computer, a laptop, a tablet, or even your mobile phone. As long as your device can access a nearby Internet signal well, you’ll be able to make the tool function correctly.

You will then need to access the website, wherever you are accessing the Internet signal. You can upload the PDF file you intend to rotate by accessing the website or simply drag and drop the file in the appropriate field.

While your PDF is within the website, it is possible to do so much with it using the rotate PDF tool. You may rotate it 90 degrees or 180 degrees, as you please. You may make it rotate clockwise or counterclockwise as well. Some people would rotate just one page in the PDF, while others may opt for multiple pages to be rotated. And you can naturally rotate all pages if you need to.

That’s not the end of it. You may also add more files or pages to the PDF being processed and rotate those too if you wish. Then you can combine everything as you see fit and come out with a brand new PDF that is adjusted just the right way in all of the pages you accessed.

What Happens When You Use GogoPDF?

It is good that has managed to make its rotate PDF function more user-friendly. It is now possible to use the major browsers including Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, and Google Chrome for this particular service. And you won’t need to go shopping for a platform either. If you’re using major operating systems like Mac, Linux, and Windows, you’re good to go on too.

The system will allow you to carry out your rotate PDF actions as you see fit, then will count to 60 minutes after you’re done. As soon as the system counts to the 60th minute, the system will instantly delete all your PDFs from the website. Not even the smallest punctuation mark or letter will remain. This way, when other people get into the system, they won’t be able to access your work.

Since you obviously need proof that you’ve rotated the correct PDF, you can opt to print out the PDF itself once you’re done rotating it. This will help you so that you can head to your meeting as soon as possible. It also helps so that you have a hard copy for your own peace of mind.

Take note as well that there is no need to download and install any software on your chosen device. Whether that device is a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer, you can just access and then start using the system. As long as your subscription to the site is paid for annually, you won’t have to worry about other additional (and unnecessary) expenses.

Which brings you to the topic of “unlimited usage” of the website and its tools, right? Yes, you gain unlimited access to should you opt for a paid subscription. That means you can access the website and its tools even at odd hours of the morning (which is great for night owls burning the midnight oil to meet a deadline). You get in when you need to.

This is one of the most common issues with converting Word to PDF. There are a few ways to fix this problem. You can choose the same font for your Word document that you want in your PDF when you convert it. Another option is to create an outline of your Word document and then convert it to a PDF. This will allow you to choose the font that will appear in your PDF.

Who Benefits From the Rotate PDF Tool?

This rotate PDF tool is very handy for practically anyone who has ever needed a PDF for school or work. High school and college students can add PDFs to their research papers without worrying that something has escaped notice to embarrass them in front of the class. White-collar professionals, too, will be able to use necessary PDF documents without any problem.

If you’ve never dealt with a cloud service like before, that’s okay. The website and its tools were designed to make it very easy even for first-time users to start using the tools online. As long as you can understand basic and simple instructions, you can make this rotate PDF tool work. 

There’s a bonus – while you’re on the website, you can try out some or all of the other tools there. There are so many of them it would take another article to mention them all. Try exploring the site since at least one of the tools might strike your fancy. That would be a good opportunity for you too.


The rotate PDF tool is very useful, especially during emergencies like an impromptu presentation at work or in school. knows that you need a tool like this, and other tools like those on its website, for your work and academic survival. So try out the service today just to see how it can work for you!

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