Introduction to Test Environment in Microsoft 365

Introduction to Test Environment in Microsoft 365

Test environments in Microsoft office 365 are a great way to get up to speed on Microsoft software. They come in handy when you need to test technology or configurations before committing to them and beginning end users’ design, planning, and deployment processes. It is helpful to have the “I built it out myself, and it works” kind of hands-on experience to better prepare for hosting a new product or solution in production. TEMs also set up realistic simulations of production situations for use in testing and developing software.

Microsoft Office 365 dev/test environment

Build your Microsoft 365 dev/test setup using these articles:

  • The minimally intrusive foundational layout.
    • Start your free trial of the Microsoft 365 Enterprise E5 license now.
  • The mock company’s foundational configuration
    • Design a streamlined internal network using Microsoft Azure’s infrastructure services and Microsoft Office 365 E5 trial tenant.
    • This is recommended and necessary if you wish to set up a dummy business setting for hybrid identities.

How to set up a test environment in Microsoft 365 using Simeon Cloud

Test tenants are Microsoft 365 environments built for testing, not for live users. Test Office 365 tenant setup is easy. Create a Microsoft 365 Developer Program tenant. That’s 5 Microsoft 365 E5 licenses with Office 365 and Azure AD.

Test Office 365 tenant should be an identical reproduction of your production environment so you can conduct usability testing in a functional configuration. Microsoft facilitates the creation of developer accounts and the working of tenancy tests; however, it is impossible to clone live environments.

Any configuration changes you make in your tenant won’t be transferred to the test environment. Your test renter may be very different from your production tenancy.

Why should you set up a test environment in Microsoft 365?

Microsoft 365 is an umbrella term for a group of products (Office 365, Windows 10, and Enterprise Mobility + Security) that work together to keep businesses safe and productive. With Microsoft 365, you can protect your organization against threats with complete stack protection across endpoints and email, deploy software seamlessly, let anyone securely access business apps from anywhere, streamline your operations, and much more.

Benefits of Automating Test Environment in Microsoft 365

Businesses need efficiency. Effective organizations must develop, cooperate, and communicate smoothly. Access to productivity tools that help individuals accomplish their work from anywhere makes organizations agile and competitive.

Getting started with test Office 365 tenant automation is easier than ever with Simeon Cloud. It can automate Microsoft Office 365 configurations including automated deployments, lifecycle management, and managing multiple tenants across Microsoft 365 for MSPs. The best features are its user-friendly easy-to-navigate interface and ensuring proper security and compliance around the clock.

Files Can Be Accessed From Anywhere:

Office 365 stores files on the cloud. They’re accessible from any internet-connected device. Accessing apps and files when out of the office is vital for mobile-first companies.

Private and Safe Online Backups:

Two-factor authentication prevents unwanted file access in Office 365. Threat detection and anti-malware reduce security concerns promptly, which is crucial for data-handling firms. Office 365 ensures enterprise security.

A Clearer Flow of Information:

Skype and Outlook come with Office 365. Skype for Business allows remote conferences and meetings. Instant chat boosts cross-department collaboration by allowing file uploads and comments. Teams allow you to notify people of words. These features enable global team and personal communication. Office 365 uses Yammer, through which you can message the entire crew using the company’s ‘news feed.’ Email alerts prevent missed communications. Yammer “channels” are multipurpose.


Test Environments in Microsoft 365 are essential. You probably know that most new solutions require a test environment, but you may decide to do it yourself to save money. The transition from manual testing methods to automation requires a test lab environment with the necessary software and hardware configurations that allow the automation system to work correctly.

Author’s Name – Jeff Nevins, CTO of Simeon Cloud, a provider of a multi-tenant Microsoft 365 configuration management platform for MSPs. Nevins gives his take on cloud management and the MSP tool sets that are currently available.    

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