Investment Options Businesses Can Consider for Added Cash Flow and Security

Investment Options Businesses Can Consider for Added Cash Flow and Security

Investing is recognized as one of the best ways to consider for businesses looking to earn extra income. Forex trading is one of the most popular options. Still, it does come with puzzling risks ranging from minimal to outlandish. Let’s check out some of the top investment options small businesses can consider.

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Corporate investment banking partners can offer a range of investment products from equity/ETFs, fixed income, structured products (FX/equity/interest rates, etc.), and others based on your preference and risk levels. Getting in touch with one will easily provide you with knowledge on the right investment option to choose.

Corporate Investment Programme

This option allows you to grow your corporate wealth through a wide array of solutions across Currency, Fixed Income, and Equities. 

Credit Derivatives

Banks can offer a comprehensive range of both vanilla and complex equity and credit derivatives products to customers. The bank’s structuring team are expertsthat focus on new product development in structured credit derivatives that generate new trading strategies in addition to the existing product spectrum and offers value-creating solutions to define and exceed customers’ business expectation.   

The following are a range of products that can either help to address a businesses’ credit exposures or generate additional yields:  

  • Credit Default Swaps  
  • Credit linked notes / Total return swaps / Bond Linked notes 
  • Repurchase agreements

Currency Linked Investments

This option offers potentially higher returns with Currency-Linked Investments versus traditional fixed deposits

Fixed Income

When choosing this option, consider a top provider like DBS, recognized as the market leader in Asian bonds and a dominant book-runner and underwriter in the Asian fixed income markets. A good service provider will provide a comprehensive range of Fixed Income capabilities, including origination, structuring, credit advisory, sales, trading, and credit research. 

The right provider will have a strong experience in fixed income markets and will often have a dedicated team that understands business needs in USD investment grade and high yield bonds, local currency bonds, bank capital instruments, perpetual securities, and liability management equity-linked debt.

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Choosing the right investment for your business

Based on the type of investment you choose, it’s important to do as much research as possible before you commit.

For businesses to find the right investment type, three main factors must be considered:

  • The amount of risk you’re willing to take
  • The flexibility you prefer
  • The experienced you have with investments

Out of all stated options, stocks are known to be the riskiest and least flexible. Once the market hits a low point, it becomes really hard to make decisions quickly. It’s not possible to just get in and out of the market as quickly as you want with forex trading. It would help if you spent substantial time sifting through thousands of stocks to pinpoint the best value investment. This means you could end up with more of a loss.

Money market funds are seen asa safer bet, but you might not get much of a return. Most businesses tend to stick with conservative investing as it’s easier to make decisions, and far fewer options are available.

In the end, investing can be risky.Researching the right type of investment and getting assistance from a trusted corporate investment banking partner will help you develop a good level of knowledge on whichever type of investment you prefer, giving your businessthe potential to earn a significant amount of money.

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