The Jammu & Kashmir Government Payment System Of  JKPaySys

The Jammu & Kashmir Government Payment System Of JKPaySys

The Jammu & Kashmir Government Payment Systems (JKPaySys) is a government payment system, managed by the finance department of the state. This system includes tools for preparing payment invoices, delayed payments, bonuses, and arrested payments. It has also been instrumental in providing salary receipts to employees in remote areas. Consequently, JKPaySys has reduced the administrative burden of the state government.

Applicable for Employees

Users can pay their salaries online through the JKPAYSYS system. They can access their salary details through the JK Paysys website by entering the Employee Code, First Name, and Year Verification Code. After entering the correct information, a JKPaySys Salary Slip will be generated. Users can print it out if required. However, this is only applicable for employees who have access to the online system.

The JKPaySys system, also known as PayManager, is a convenient platform for DDOS to generate and send invoices for expenditure. They can also monitor pending payments through various banks. Users can login to the portal with their username and password. From there, they can review their wage information, benefits received, and deductions from their pay. This makes it easier for DDOs to process employee payments.

Paperwork Burden

The online portal has been implemented to provide salary slips to government employees. It also provides the ability to view and edit pay bills online. This is important for employees because salary slips are required for obtaining loans, preparing for retirement, and other important functions. JKPaySys has reduced the paperwork burden and errors associated with paper-based systems, and enables employees in the UT to download theirs easily.

To register for JKPaySys, users must first visit the website. Once there, they should click on the Unlock User(Checker) option on the right side of the homepage. They must also have a valid mobile phone number and the last four digits of their bank account number. Lastly, they should click on the Treasury option. When they are finished, they can enter their new password.


Using the Jammu & Kashmir Government Payment System is a great way to access salary information and view payslips. This online system makes the entire process much easier for employees in the state. It eliminates the need to visit the payroll department to obtain these documents. JKPAYSYS also offers bill payment services, so employees do not need to visit any office to pay their bills.

Once you have your login credentials, you can begin using JKPaySys to access your account. You can even sign up for a free trial to see how the system works. Once you’re logged in, you can start making payments and receiving them online. You can even set up a bank account if you’re new to online banking. The JKPaySys portal also has a variety of other useful features that make it an extremely convenient system for employees and government agencies.

Salary Reports

JKPaySys is a convenient way for employees to view their pay information, including pay scales, GPF/NPS subscription, allowances, deductions, and salary. It can also produce 16-sheet annual salary reports, enabling employees to check their pay details at any time. You can also view your income tax, GPF/NPS subscription, and more. And of course, if you’re looking for an easy way to print your payslip, there’s a JK Salary Slip Web application that allows you to do this.

Final Steps:

You can also use the JKPaysys app for your smartphone to manage your bill payments. You can find the JKPaysys app in the google play store and install it on your phone. Once you have installed the app, you’re ready to pay your bills. Just be sure to have your phone handy. And don’t forget to share the app with your friends and family read more.


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