Learn How You Can Package Your Wedding DJ Services

Learn How You Can Package Your Wedding DJ Services

In general, most wedding suppliers offer packages that include everything from photography to cuisine to chair rentals. When it comes to establishing packages for a wedding DJ service, there is always that constant battle with the want to be excessively salesy while still understanding what would clinch the transaction.

DJ service bundles are critical in assisting potential wedding clients in narrowing their choices. They highlight what you have to offer in an easy-to-digest format. Consider your packages as useful mini-bundles of services from which a happy couple might pick, so let us dive right in!

Create Optional Packages

When it comes to “packing” your art, you’ll want to create a fixed pricing or base rate for the DJ services themselves. The remainder of the suggested services is then included in your bundles. Consider the ceremony sound system, the officiant’s lapel mic, uplighting, toasts with wireless mics, MCing, a venue walk-through, and planning meetings.

Begin by compiling a list of all of your services and working your way up to three tiers of bundles. Two packages are insufficient, while four or more packages reintroduce the feeling of being overwhelmed by options.

Option #1 – The bare-bones, no-frills bundle is the cheapest option.

Option #2 – The mid-tier package is likely to be the most popular and should contain a few unique bonuses or upsell offerings.

Option #3 – The final option is your most upscale “kitchen sink.” If you price it competitively, you may persuade a few “middle package” buyers to upgrade as a result of the incredible bundle savings. Nobody will book anything you have to offer a la carte, but they will if it is packaged together.

Another strategy I’ve used well in the past is to utilize these three set packages but to include a “select one” option in each. This is a fun feature that allows clients to personalize their bundles.

For instance, the cheapest price includes no add-ons; however, the midrange option includes a venue walk-through and rehearsal attendance. You can also provide an option for them to choose the walk-through or the rehearsal along with a fog machine, some glow sticks, or customized first dance music which can be a mash-up of voice recordings of the bride or groom talking about their happiness for their wedding day.

Define Each Package Individually

Thus, how do you decide what to include in each package? You may leverage packages to your advantage in two ways:

  • Include inexpensive add-ons to persuade couples to book with you. Among the usual favorite ideas are an audio recording of the wedding DJ’s set and a basket of affordable flip-flops for females to wear on the dance floor when their heels begin to hurt.
  • Upsell! Motivate clients to splurge a little bit more on supplemental services that add value to the event. For instance, it was seen that when uplighting a la carte was provided, it is being booked for a few times a year. However, after including them in one of the wedding packages, they were booked more than 50% of the time which in effect a huge difference. 

Create a Perfect Presentation for Your Wedding DJ Service

Service packaging is one of the final steps in packaging your wedding DJ services, so to start, you may want to decide on a name for your bundles. If you’re anything like an inordinate number of wedding DJs, you’ll name them after valuable metals like Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum; or with precious stones like Diamond, Emerald, or Topaz. Rather than going with the norm, showcase your brand. 

Finally, there is the matter of actual packing. If you want to meet with prospective clients prior to booking, have a great booklet made, laminated, and bound that details your packages. Create a PowerPoint presentation promoting your wedding DJ packages if you generally book clients via email. Even if you do not publish your whole pricing structure on your website, you should nonetheless include bundles and either a beginning price, an average price, or a price range.

Bear in mind that you want to build wedding packages that make a booking you a no-brainer for prospective clients so better make the experience as simple and straightforward as possible, provide alternatives that couples will enjoy, and display everything in a presentable and enjoyable manner.

Pricing Guide for a Wedding DJ Service

There are wedding venues, flowers, hairstylists, and wedding DJs for every budget. However, does this entail that one is superior to the other?

The following table summarizes what varied wedding DJ costs most likely represent. (Remember that these rates are for a Saturday wedding. Numerous DJ businesses provide discounted rates on off-peak days.


  • Budget-Friendly Wedding DJ

You can expect to pay at least $500 and $700 at the most. While this may be OK when purchasing a toothbrush, it may not be the ideal strategy when purchasing something as vital to your wedding as the DJ. After all, music plays a significant role in so many aspects of your wedding day, and a wedding DJ is so much more than a DJ.

Of course, if your professional DJ buddy charges you merely $500 as a favor to you, then this is a different scenario; but wedding DJs in this pricing category are frequently new to the profession and they are presumably doing this part-time as a side gig and may be unable to attend due to scheduling difficulties.


  • Professional Full-Time DJ

You can expect to pay $1,300 to $3,000 especially for professional, full-time DJs that offer a comprehensive variety of services earn this much money for a reason.

Professional DJs are gifted, experienced, and completely dedicated to ensuring that the weddings at which they play are as close to perfection as possible. They often spend between 10 and 30 hours preparing for a five-hour wedding, and that is what you call commitment. They’re accessible to answer inquiries, have a plethora of song ideas, and can MC with the best of them.

Additionally, they will be fully licensed and hold the sort of insurance required by the majority of venues.

Precautions With Wedding DJ Services

Bear in mind that the price of your wedding DJ will increase if you include extra services such as ceremony sound, uplighting, or a photo booth. Once you’ve gotten various bids, compare both the DJs’ services and rates and this will allow you to compare apples to apples and so obtain the best overall value. Additionally, you’ll be able to rapidly locate cost-cutting options without settling for a subpar DJ.

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