Leh Ladakh Bike Trip 2021 | A Dream Trip For Many Bikers

Leh Ladakh Bike Trip 2021 | A Dream Trip For Many Bikers

How to reach –

To reach the beautiful and heavenly land of Leh Ladakh on a bike is a dream for many hikers but it depends on the route you have taken to bike along the way towards Leh Ladakh. It can take more than two weeks to reach Leh Ladakh on a bike. But to reach Leh Ladakh by bike, it is easier to use the road either from Delhi or from Manali. Take the help of a Google map and plan the route you are willing to take before you set out on your bike journey to Leh Ladakh.

From Delhi you will be reaching Chandigarh and Manali is 280 kilometres away from Chandigarh after reaching Manali you will have to cross Jispa located 140 kilometres away from Manali. You have to travel from Jispa to Sarchu at a distance of 90 kilometres, Leh lies 250 kilometres away from Sarchu.

You must take care of the money you want to spend. After all, riding my bike at Leh Ladakh is highly sophisticated and costly. You can face hurdles on your way if you are not economically stable for a bike ride at Leh Ladakh. Fuel consumption might be a major hurdle towards your bike journey at Leh Ladakh. 

Things to carry –

You must carry the following items while you go on a bike ride at Leh Ladakh :

  1. Enough fuel and money so that if you face any trouble with your bike it can aid you on your way.
  2. Take two pullovers and a jacket in your backpack and three pairs of trousers to keep you going for the rest of your journey.
  3. Take with a portable torch and a few batteries.
  4. Make sure you carry your sunglasses on your trip.
  5. Two 1-litre water bottles and a packet of Ors.
  6.  Make sure to take with you dry foodstuffs like nuts, biscuits, fruit cakes and other dry food items to provide you with enough energy on your journey.
  7. Make sure to consult a doctor before you decide to set out for your journey and take the medications as prescribed.
  8. Make sure you have added to your list your cell phone, a portable charger, your identity card and slips if you had booked a hotel to stay on your way.

Best time to visit –

It is preferable to those visiting Leh Ladakh by bike from mid-June to October. The atmosphere is pleasing and enjoyable for a bike ride at Leh Ladakh during these five months. The roads are clean and hurdle free during June and July and become a perfect spot for bikers visiting Leh Ladakh. You will get snow if you are visiting in late October but the roads remain closed in early November April as it May cause problems for bike riding at Leh Ladakh. You won’t get access to communication facilities if you visit in these six months on a bike and snow will be a barrier every moment. 

Level of difficulty –

The roads leading towards the enchanting world of Leh Ladakh are not smooth but rough and uneven. It can cause problems for the rider and bike if the bike is not suitable to carry on the long journey.

Your bike must be repaired and properly serviced from a bike servicing centre or else you can face snags on the way.

If you have high blood pressure problems, asthma or any kind of breathing and heart problems then it is intended that you must see a doctor beforehand as the weather and atmosphere seem to change with the rising altitudes at Leh Ladakh.

There are fewer gas stations on your way towards Leh Ladakh so you must keep containers of petrol and diesel ready in hand.

Reasons to do –

You must visit Leh Ladakh on the bike once to feel the alluring force of possession by the huge and beautiful mountains of Leh Ladakh. The challenging bike trip at night will make you experience the bewitching stars at night as if they are in harmony forever. The holy chantings from the monasteries furnish your tired soul with the atmosphere. The immaculate water bodies are waiting to freshen your tired eyes and body while you are on a bike journey at Leh Ladakh. The “Land of High passes” are sure to please you on your journey.

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Places to visit –

You must visit these places while you are on a bike trip to Leh Ladakh :

  1. The beautiful Pangong Tso.
  2. The mystical Zanskar Valley.
  3. The holiest Namgyal Tsemo Gompa.
  4. The sacred Thiksey and the Shey Monasteries.

About the locals –

The locals of Leh Ladakh might make you sense you are not in India but Tibetan. The locals are innocent and peace-loving and their dressing style are just like the citizens of Tibet. Most of them practice archery as a summer game and visit the monasteries on festival days. Their livelihood majorly depends on tourism and handicrafts. 

Some facts –

Leh Ladakh bike trip might sound very enticing but it is not that easy of a journey. Hunting for shelters at Leh Ladakh is very hard and even if you get one it is extremely costly. 

Though everything will be nullified once you start your journey through the mountains, monasteries, villages and lakes you are sure to feel blessed from the Leh Ladakh Bike ride experience.

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