Who is Levi Ackerman? His character Characteristics, and His Relationship

Who is Levi Ackerman? His character Characteristics, and His Relationship

If you’re wondering “Who is Levi Ackerman?” you’ve come to the right place! This article will provide you with the basics about Levi Ackerman: his background, his character characteristics, and his relationship with other characters. You’ll learn why he’s an important character on “The Office.”


One of the first impressions of Levi Ackerman might be cold and calculating. Yet, there are some moments when his heart softens and his actions become more loving and caring. This kind of character makes difficult decisions despite his cold heart. This makes Levi an effective leader.

Levi Ackerman is known for being unfriendly, but he cares deeply about his team. He has been a lifesaver on numerous occasions, saving the lives of teammates and enemies. He has many characteristics that make him an excellent leader. He is also known as a clean freak. In one episode, he sent a servant named Eren Jager to clean the floor, and when the result wasn’t up to his standards, he went ballistic.

Levi Ackerman is one of the strongest and most capable soldiers in the Survey Corps. He also happens to be the leader of a Special Operations Squad. Despite his dark past as a thug, Levi is now a respected member of the Survey Corps. His strong leadership skills have won him the respect of his colleagues, including Eren Jaeger.

Levi is a hard man to get close to. He is not very personable and rarely shows any emotion. His manner of speaking is direct and sometimes rude. He rarely tolerates anyone who disagrees with him. He has a dark sense of humor and holds grudges against many people. Although he has a deep and twisted sense of humor, he is far from the most charismatic.

Levi Ackerman was born in the undercity. His mother was a prostitute. She died from starvation, so Levi was taken under the wing of her brother Kenny. The brother abandoned Levi when Levi learned to fight. He learned the skills he needed to survive in the undercity.

Although Levi Ackerman’s actions seem cruel at first, they ultimately prove that the Survey Corps is capable of dealing with a threat. As the strongest soldier of humanity, Levi had to prove his worth by keeping Eren in check.


As one of the strongest soldiers in the Survey Corps and the leader of the Special Operations Squad, Levi Ackerman has a dark past. He was a thug in the underground and was scouted by Erwin Smith. His strong leadership skills have earned him the respect of other soldiers such as Eren Jaeger.

Although Levi’s personality is often described as cold and indifferent, he actually does have a warm side. While he was very abrasive in his early years, he was gradually coming to trust other members of his team, including his comrades and subordinates. As a result, he came to admire Commander Erwin Smith and follows his orders because he believes in his vision.

Levi’s life has been one of tragedy. His losses would have broken a lesser man. He shaped his resolve to end this cycle of suffering. Despite his difficulties, he never loses sight of his dream of saving humanity. He is able to do this through his efforts to help others.

Levi grew up in an underground city. He was abandoned by his mother at a very young age, and he was taken in by a man named Kenny. Kenny taught him the ways of the criminal world, and his father’s death was the result of a violent accident.

Levi’s background was somewhat ambiguous, but his actions made him an attractive candidate for a survey corps member. As a result, he managed to convince his team members, Isabel and Furlan, to go along with him. They later encountered Titans and managed to defeat them.

Levi Ackerman’s parents were both prostitutes. After Kuchel Ackerman’s death, Levi was raised by his uncle, Kenny Ackerman. But Kenny was not a good parent. He taught him to steal and use his knife. He also taught him how to close a deal and kill an opponent.

Levi also has a sleeping disorder, and struggles with insomnia. His sleeping habits are so poor that he doesn’t bother changing his clothes, and often sleeps in a chair.

Relationship with other characters

Levi Ackerman shares his last name with Mikasa, a character from Attack on Titan. They are distant cousins. However, they have a lot in common, including fighting prowess and personalities. They both have special abilities that make them exceptional at their job.

Their friendship is not without problems. Mikasa is passionate and headstrong, and Levi is a mature, reserved man. They were both at the center of a tragic situation, and their relationship is complicated. They fought and struggled together. Levi beat Eren when he was on trial, but he did it to save Eren’s life.

Despite his cold exterior, Levi shows a lot of empathy for other people. He cautions Isabel and Farlan against becoming titans, and he longs for love and family. While this relationship is tense at times, Levi’s compassion shines through.

Levi’s maternal uncle, Kenny, is another character who is important to his story. He raised Levi until he discovered his powers and began using them. However, he also has a dark side. He was a notorious hitman and was a criminal. His crimes included murdering military police officers. He also tried to kill Uri. He later repented and he handed the Titan power to his niece Frieda.

Levi Ackerman is a handsome and compassionate character, but he also has a dark side. He is ruthlessly talented and valiant. He is the captain of Survey Corps’ elite Special Operations Squad. He has been compared to the strongest man in human history. His ruthlessness and compassion make him an absolute delight to watch.

Levi is in a constant state of conflict. His conflicting nature often causes him to choose the wrong choice, despite what the consequences may be. Levi was initially compelled to leave Farlan and Isabel and kill Erwin, and his decision ultimately led to the deaths of two of his closest friends.

Mikasa’s mother was a civilian in the Walls. She was a descendant of a family of Asian descent. Mikasa’s mother met her father through Eren and fell in love with him. They lived together in the mountains for many years, but were murdered by bandits. Mikasa was left orphaned.

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Decision to save Erwin or Armin

The decision to save Erwin or Armin was not an easy one. Levi’s love for Armin was too strong for him to make the wrong decision, and it will remain in the hearts of Attack on Titan fans for a long time. However, Eren’s heart-rending speech did not influence Levi’s decision. While Eren’s speech portrayed Eren as the protector of humanity, Armin’s character is far less ideal.

Although the decision is a difficult one, both men were close to getting the answers they were seeking. But in the end, Erwin chose Armin to be his demon. But if it was Armin, Erwin would have chosen a scientist or a researcher. He never intended to become a soldier.

The decision was not an ass-pull, but a decision based on character and plot development. This decision was a perfect resolution for Erwin’s arc, and it allowed Levi to grow immensely as a character. However, Isayama didn’t include all the memories that he needed to fully develop Levi.

Armin’s dream is to go to the ocean, which is outside of the anime world. Armin compensates for this by dreaming of seeing the world. But his motivation for survival is not the same as Levi’s, and he had to accept the loss of a close friend.

While Levi’s actions may seem harsh and unnecessary, they ultimately demonstrate the power of the Survey Corps to handle Eren. After all, he was the strongest soldier in the Survey Corps, and he needed to demonstrate his strength in order to keep the beast in check.

Kenny Ackerman’s death is an important moment for Levi’s character development. In addition, it is a pivotal moment in the story because of the theme of Intoxication in SNK. As Kenny Ackerman explains, a dream is a type of existential drug that keeps pain at bay and gives meaning to the endless slaughter.

Last words 

Levi’s loyalty to the King is also a major factor in his decision to save Armin. Though his loyalty is strong, his love for Armin and Erwin is stronger. In the end, this is a tough choice. After all, it will affect his family’s lives.

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