Maintenance of Grease Lubrication Equipment

Maintenance of Grease Lubrication Equipment

These best practices should be followed for the maintenance of grease lubrication equipment

During the bearing’s lifetime, grease can be applied manually, automatically (semi- or fully-automatic), or it can be applied permanently. It is still necessary to grease bearings that are lubricated for life, even though they are lubricated for life in some cases. Grease guns are typically used to grease these bearings. In addition to lever actions, pistols, and grip guns, there are also air-powered guns. We can help you find the right grease for your product through your grease distributor.

The most common grease gun is a manual lever. The typical shop gun off the shelf produces pressures ranging from 7,500 pounds per square inch to 15,000 pounds per square inch. It is possible to damage bearing seals if these pressures are inappropriately applied. There are several different sizes of 14oz (400gm) cartridges, and each one can hold 14oz (400gm) of product. By providing a stroke, it is possible to estimate how much grease will be produced by the machine.

The pistol has a manual trigger and a pistol grip. It is possible to hold a 14oz (400gm) grease tube at pressures ranging from 3,000 to 10,000 psi. It should be calibrated the same way as level action style grease guns, as it can produce different amounts and strokes of grease.

A manual grease gun powered by air is often used where there are many components operating in close proximity. Most grease guns are equipped with 400 lb pumps, and they have a pressure range between 750 and 3000 PSI. Drum sizes range from 120 lbs to 200 lbs. Keg sizes range from 35 lbs to 55 lbs. Each pair. In this style, different quantities/strokes are produced, starting at 0.1 oz up to several ounces. For precise dispensing, the gun can be equipped with an electronic volume meter.

There is no need to use a power cord with electric grease guns as they have rechargeable batteries. The use of pneumatic grease guns makes relubrication more convenient and versatile for airlines. Rechargeable electric grease guns provide high pressure and quick grease delivery, making them an ideal choice for bearings that require more pumps than a manual gun can provide.

A rechargeable electric grease gun adds a modern tool to the belt of tools that can pump grease to bearings that are in remote or hazardous areas. In addition, grease can be pumped long distances to bearings that need large amounts of grease. A centralized distribution system also enables them to lubricate multiple bearings simultaneously.

In addition to the zerk fitting on the housing, grease guns have a nipple extension and a pipe nipple.

As the grease is supplied under pressure, it is deposited in the housing in the desired amount. In order to reach the desired amount of grease, the grease is injected under pressure into the housing. Grease reservoirs and plates that screw into the reservoir are seen on types that screw down. When machines are started, they are also greased manually. Grain fittings are being used for the first time. To prevent dirt from entering a grease fitting, a lint-free cloth should be used each time it is used.

Electro-mechanical grease dispensers evolved from grease cups. Pumps that control grease flow independently of resistance are used to deliver grease directly to bearings. There is a piston pump and a screw pump available. Over the long term, refillable units are cheaper. One year to 14 days can be set as the timer’s duration. Timer settings can be activated or deactivated as necessary. Temperature changes and grease types won’t affect the timer settings. Pressures of 350 pounds per square inch are used. Multiple points can also be lubricated with some units, and some can even be remotely mounted so they can reach hard-to-reach spots.

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