Supermicro is a leading manufacturer of enterprise servers, cloud infrastructure, integrated systems, embedded solutions, power supplies, industrial automation, mobile devices, data backup equipment, motherboards, modular switches, and security products. Our mission is to transform our customers’ businesses through innovative technologies and applications. We are based upon Intel processors, NAND flash memory, SSDs, PCIe cards, RAID arrays, Fibre Channel connectivity, network interconnects 5G Telco/Edge IT Infrastructure, and open source components. We strive to be among the top three companies worldwide in each segment we serve. 

We are a leading provider of cloud services and solutions for enterprise users, including IT professionals seeking new ways to lower operating expenses. Our mission is to help drive more excellent business value through innovative technology built specifically for organizations. Our commitment to green computing drives us to develop products that deliver maximum efficiency and environmental benefits. Resource Savings Architecture allows us to design and build servers and data centers without sacrificing performance, quality, reliability, cost-effectiveness, or flexibility. Our mission is to provide state-of-the-art technology solutions for our customers, offering a wide array of services and products and software services. With cutting-edge technologies, we help clients build innovative applications, deploy new business models and transform enterprises into high-performance organizations.

Our core values include rapid innovation, customer focus, and the ability to develop creative new technologies. We continuously seek ways to improve existing products and services and create innovative new ones based on what our customers tell us they’re interested in. To stay at the forefront of the industry, we continually strive to make ourselves better and faster to provide high-quality service to our customers.

We offer a broad array of applications optimized servers serving various needs. We have the right solution to fit your IT infrastructure from massive clouds to data centers. We also offer solutions tailored specifically for emerging technologies such as autonomous vehicles, augmented reality, smart cities, mobile internet, connected devices, IoT, virtual reality/augmented reality, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and Big Data Analytics.

Our goal is to promote the use of technologies that help companies save money while reducing their environmental footprint. We are the world’s leading supplier of servers designed to enable organizations to achieve maximum cost efficiency. We are also one of only two companies providing high-end servers, storage solutions, networking devices, and cloud management software worldwide. We continue to produce products in the U.S., leveraging our unique combination of advanced manufacturing technology, talent pool, and product expertise. In addition to being an industry leader, we provide products and services that maximize business value through innovative technologies and efficient processes such as high performance computing servers.

Our IT managers are increasingly considering green technologies such as virtualization, cloud computing, storage consolidation, and new forms of networking. They seek to minimize both capital expenditures and operating expenses. These savings can help an organization save money while improving services. Organizations can drive down energy usage and cut IT costs by implementing a green technology strategy. The benefits of such an approach include reduced infrastructure costs, increased capacity utilization, improved reliability, enhanced security, reduced downtime, decreased carbon footprint, lower environmental impact, and fewer interruptions.

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To increase the impact, we have developed a new data center architecture that maximizes the efficiency of data center power, air conditioning, shared services, and hardware refresh cycles. 

We’ve also designed our servers so they can easily be upgraded without impacting performance. These innovations enable us to achieve better performance and substantially lower energy consumption. This technology significantly improves data center flexibility and cost-effectiveness. To maximize the impact of our data centers, we have introduced an architecture that maximizes utilization through consolidation, optimization, and reuse of components. We focus on maximizing energy efficiency and reducing hardware infrastructure costs. We achieve these goals by leveraging off-the-shelf, high-performance technology and implementing best practices for efficient operation.

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