Tech Recruiting Platforms for Finding Better Talent

Tech Recruiting Platforms for Finding Better Talent

Having lost their jobs due to the pandemic, there is suddenly a flood of workers entering the market, with not enough jobs available, although some industries are experiencing growth. As recruiters and HR managers have so many options at their fingertips, it is becoming increasingly difficult to identify the best candidates.

Recently, a SHRM report reported that applicants for any job position have nearly doubled. Recruitment pools are also bigger, and now everything is conducted online.

It’s not always the case that when employers find a candidate they are looking for, that candidate is also looking for a job. Moreover, the same report notes that candidates aren’t willing to risk taking a new position right now due to the uncertainty in the market, so they may not wish to leave their current position until they’re already unemployed.

In these hard times, what can recruiters do? Finding the right recruitment technology is partially the answer. Finding the right recruiting platform for your company can be tough because there are so many out there. To learn more, visit

Along with the tools below, you will also be able to improve your recruiting skills with this course.

Recruiters can source better candidates with the help of these six recruiting technology vendors. Alternatively, you can use our Product Selection Tool if you want a quicker solution. Find out about the best recruitment software vendor for your company after answering a few questions.

Which HR Recruiting software is right for you?


A referral from an employee is one of the most reliable ways to find candidates, and for good reason: Referred employees are easier to hire, are more likely to stick around, and are more productive once hired.

Referrals from employees are only effective when the employees are engaged and the referred candidates are good fits for the company. This is where Teamable excels. In order to encourage employee participation, Teamable integrates gamification into the process, which encourages employees to compete for prizes and earn points for referring candidates. Data-driven recommendations from Teamable’s recommendation engine decide which of an employee’s contacts are qualified for a certain position within the organization based on employee qualifications.


This platform allows recruiters to access an extensive database of more than 275 million candidates; it is similar to Google for recruiters. In addition to aggregating data from over 50 web sources, Entelo keeps candidate profiles updated. If you put candidates from underrepresented groups at the top of your list, you may even increase your employee diversity.

Entelo offers several benefits, including predicting how open a candidate is to new opportunities by analyzing several variables. For recruiters, this feature is very useful in a pandemic when many workers are holding on to their jobs. If your organization prefers to source talent in a hands-on manner, Entelo is a great option.


Startups and small businesses typically have a difficult time finding talent. Neither they have the manpower to hire a dedicated recruiter nor the budget to hire an agency or buy expensive software.

These businesses may find Workable a great solution because it’s fairly inexpensive for the most basic plan. Moreover, it is web-based, so you need not download anything or worry about complicated implementations – again, things that few small businesses are willing to deal with.

Companies using Workable can take advantage of all the trappings of recruitment tech – career sites, job postings to multiple boards with one click, and custom applications. While there are a number of solutions that are capable of doing the same thing, few can compete with Workable scaling.


College students and recent graduates are a very specific subset of talent that WayUp helps organizations access. Therefore, it isn’t appropriate for everyone. You might want to check out WayUp if your organization needs these populations.

A company posts a job, specifies the requirements, and waits for applicants who meet those requirements to apply. The cool thing about WayUp is that it only contacts matched applicants. In this instance, WayUp won’t pour emails into the inboxes of recent UC Santa Barbara grads if the organization only wants to hire students and new graduates from Chicago.

The right recruiting tool can help you find better candidates

Each employer faces a different recruiting challenge, and a technology vendor tries to answer it. We recommend starting with this list if you are having trouble finding the right candidates. You might just find the solution you need there. To see the whole list of applicant tracking systems and recruitment platforms, please visit the Product Selection Tool at Technology Advice.

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