There are 6 benefits to using bubble wrap when packing

There are 6 benefits to using bubble wrap when packing

For decades, bubble wrap has been used to ship materials worldwide since it was invented in 1960. Originally used to ship IBM’s original mass-produced computers, this light, durable, and versatile packing material has only become more renowned over time. For more information, visit

With over 25 years of packaging experience, Air Sea Containers offers only the best and most effective packing materials-which is why bubble wrap is among our most popular products. When you need to ship fragile items, why should you choose it? Despite bubble wrap’s numerous benefits, here are six of the most important reasons why shippers continue to use it. 

1. There is no better insulator against impacts than bubble wrap. 

When it comes to its primary function: protecting goods during transit, bubble wrap excels. Shippers use bubble wrap to protect their goods during freight transit because rough handling is common. With its sealed air bubbles, it forms a surprisingly sturdy barrier against impact that is flexible yet durable. In combination with sturdy corrugated shipping boxes, it can protect goods against even severe impacts when doubled or tripled.

2. Using bubble wrap again and again is a good idea.

Don’t throw away bubbles wraps after you’re done using it! If bubbles wraps hasn’t been damaged significantly, it’s almost always reusable. You can use your bubble wrap to protect your most valuable goods in transit again and again as long as most of the bubbles are intact. Due to its reusability, bubbles wraps is a much more eco-friendly packaging option than some forms that are difficult to reuse, as well as being cost-effective. As part of a ready-to-go returns box, it’s also ideal for companies that offer easy customer returns.

 3. The weight of bubble wrap is relatively low.

Among the lightest packaging materials, bubbles wraps is ideal for filling voids. In addition to air, there are a few layers of ultra-lightweight plastic to make it durable. Especially if you are shipping in bulk, this makes a highly efficient packaging material that reduces shipping costs. Shipping large quantities of goods with less packaging could result in lower fuel costs and lower shipping costs by weight.

4. It is cost-effective to use bubble wrap.

The best thing about bubbles wraps is that it is not only reusable, but it is also a better value to begin with! In addition to 24-inch bubbles wraps rolls in two-packs and 48-inch jumbo bubbles wraps rolls in bulk, Air Sea Containers offers great deals on bubbles wraps. We offer individual bubbles wraps bags for businesses that ship a lot of individual items-bubble wrap and a bag in one! Bubbles wraps is a bargain no matter how you slice it.

 5. The versatility of bubble wrap is unmatched.

Any small cargo can be protected and insulated with bubbles wraps. In addition, it is malleable enough to protect and wrap a wide range of strangely shaped cargo effectively, and can be easily cut with scissors to almost any shape you need. As well as being used in shipping, it also has many other applications. The material is even used by some people to insulate their windows during the summer season. There are almost no limits to what you can do with a little creativity!

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 6. It is great to relieve stress with bubble wrap.

You probably can’t resist either, as we couldn’t. It’s just plain fun to play with bubbles wraps, and it can be a great stress reliever at the office or in the warehouse on frustrating days. In addition, customers love it as well. This is a nice extra that many people can reuse or pop as they wish.

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