Website or Social Media, what is best for businesses?

Website or Social Media, what is best for businesses?

Before starting a business, it is important for the companies to identify their target audience. It helps them to invest in sources that can cater to the demand of these people. We do not say that a business entity should not focus on the entire world; however it must take things slowly. Every step needs to be taken carefully. For that purpose, Websites and Social Media Applications are helping companies to promote their products or services. 

If you have Indian social media applications or others like Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Connected India, etc., you must have noticed that these applications have so many pages that put an advertisement daily. Not just social media applications, almost every company has its own website. These websites are used by these companies to post daily content and share relevant information related to their products and services. 

But have you wondered which is better, Websites or Social Media Applications? If yes, then we have an answer that you might not have guessed. The best way to promote your brand is by using the combination of these two platforms. Websites and Social Media platforms are best if used together. Let’s explain how.

Websites + Social Media Application: A Deadly Combination

Suppose you have own website and have posted an article on a particular product. Though, by using SEO guidelines and writing a good article you can attract viewers, but more is always good. What would be even better than writing a blog and sharing it on different social media platforms? 

Doing this would not just allow you to create a significant share in the digital consumer market but also to enjoy a god number of viewership on the article. Social Media applications users would see your post in their apps and if things are done correctly, all these users would give a visit to your website to read that article. 

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But it becomes important for you to write the best article every time you wish to post in on the website. By using Search Engine Optimization guidelines and keywords, you can easily enjoy a good amount of organic traffic on your website. 

Once you have a good number of viewers, there are chances that most of them might find the product good for them. It will further force them to stick on the product and search for more content on your website. If this is case, you can now start promoting the content written on your website into social media applications by creating campaigns. 

These campaigns would allow you to target people that are interested in the product. Once these people visit your website, there are chances that they might enquire about the product. As you have already promoted the product or website content on social media applications, those users can easily communicate with you using those platforms. 

Using these social networking sites, you can respond to all their queries, generate trust, and can even explain them more about the products and services. Even if you are able to satisfy two-three customers, they can spread a positive word about your company thereby taking you to the path of success. 

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