What If I Don’t Want Rehab? Experts in New Jersey Answer

What If I Don’t Want Rehab? Experts in New Jersey Answer

Alcohol-related issues that arise from excessive and too frequent drinking are among the most alarming public health issues in America today. As per a report, around 14 million American adults display AUD (Alcohol Use Disorder) and 1 in 10 kids live in a family that has at least one alcoholic member.

The good news is:

New Jersey drug rehab center is apt in dealing with mild to severe addiction cases. Even if you have been drinking for decades, the rehab programs here are effective enough to make you sober for life.

This, of course, requires cooperation from your side too. When a patient suffers from a disease, it’s not the sole responsibility of the doctor to treat him/her. The patient, too, has a responsibility towards himself/herself. They must follow the doctor’s instructions.

Addiction is also a disease. With efforts put in by you and your rehab team, you can come out of this disease, irrespective of what stage you are in.

What If I don’t want rehab?

Those who have just hit the bottle and want to go off it can try on their own. But for those who have a history of alcoholism and go on and off alcohol, rehab is a wise choice.

Alcohol withdrawal symptoms are strong. It is not possible for everybody to cope with them at home. Some people experience serious symptoms like fast heart rate, shakiness, extreme anxiety, disorientation, seizures, and intense headache. In these cases, it is better to be under medical supervision than to be alone at home.

Medical professionals at the rehab center can put you under appropriate medication to ease the symptoms. At the same time, they monitor your health and stay alert for other complications.

Meanwhile, the team of counselors and behavioral therapists talk to you and help you sort out your emotional issues. They help you cope with any co-occurring mental disorders. Certain rehabs feature activities like journaling, group discussions, 12-step program, workout sessions, and motivational recreation activities for overall recovery.

So, you receive treatment in all aspects – physical, mental, and spiritual.

This leads to complete recovery with high chances of lifetime sobriety.

Do you want this or do you want to continue struggling with going on and off drinks at home?

You can begin by talking to your family doctor

If you are apprehensive about a thorough rehab program, talk to your family doctor first. Confide your fears, doubts, and your struggle with alcoholism. Your doctor can help you search for “drug rehab near me” and may even give you referrals.

Your family doctor knows about your medical history. It would be easy for him/her to assess your situation and guide you accordingly.

It is important to make up your mind to De-addict. Only then can you achieve successful recovery. Nobody can force you out of alcohol. Strong willpower plays a vital role in going through the entire rehab program and emerging out as a winner.

If you are ready, dial the alcohol addiction hotline today.

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