Where Did Mike Hostilo Go To College?

Where Did Mike Hostilo Go To College?

Mike Hostilo and his law firm have been helping people in Georgia recover compensation for their injuries since 1993. These attorneys provide personal injury law advice and legal representation for injury victims. You can contact them for a free initial consultation to discuss your case. In addition, they offer flexible scheduling and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. In the unfortunate case that your case is accepted, you can even file a claim for free if you are not satisfied with the results.

Mike Hostilo was taken hostage in his office in 2006

It is believed that Mike Hostilo was abducted by Robert Bower and held for over 24 hours before his release. As part of his defense, he had arranged to speak to Bower, who had threatened to kill Mike upon release from prison. A university friend of Hostilo contacted Bower and arranged for legal assistance for his client. Upon hearing of the situation, Mike Hostilo was in tears.

After the abduction, Hostilo and his friend left the scene arm in arm. They then called a friend at the university to get them out of the predicament. A friend then called the FBI and the cops rescued him. They were able to get information from Hostilo and his kidnappers and returned him to his normal life. In fact, his practice improved after the incident.

He is a personal injury lawyer

Practicing law since 1993, Mike Hosilo is a highly regarded personal injury attorney. Known as a fierce negotiator, Mike has recovered millions of dollars for accident victims. As a result of his success in negotiating settlements with insurance companies, he has earned the trust of many clients throughout Georgia and the Southeast. Learn more about Mike Hosilo and his law firm.

Before becoming a personal injury attorney, Mike Hosilo was a prisoner when he was abducted at knifepoint by a disgruntled former client. He saved the man’s life through his compassion and his fierce defense. His reputation and practice grew significantly as a result of his ordeal. He also had a natural air of invincibility. But the knife-wielding former client had other plans for Hosilo.

He has diverse work experiences

Mike Hostilo has a diverse background. Growing up in Emanuel County, Georgia, and Atlanta, Georgia, Mike spent his early years learning about hard work, discipline, and open-mindedness. Today, he is married and living in a suburban Atlanta home with his family. While attending law school, he worked as a construction worker, newspaper delivery man, truck driver, and even taught elementary school. His varied work experiences have given him an excellent perspective and an understanding of the challenges facing accident victims.

As a child, Mike Hostilo experienced a turbulent childhood in Savannah, Georgia. His father was a career Marine and his mother was an immigrant from Japan. This multicultural environment presented many social and personal challenges, but Mike credited his upbringing with teaching him perseverance and open-mindedness. Mike Hostilo completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Georgia, a state-owned flagship university that consistently ranks among the Top 25 public national universities.

He is married

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