Why successful recruiters demand the best recruitment software for agencies

Why successful recruiters demand the best recruitment software for agencies

Behind every successful hiring process lies the two most important factors – a proactive recruiter and a good recruitment database software. 

Recruiters know that time is of utmost importance when hiring. Client companies want the best candidates. Staffing agencies want to build a good client base and also provide solid candidate experience. The increasing competitiveness in the industry has therefore made it necessary to integrate the best recruitment software system for agencies. 

The connection between recruitment database software and an effective hiring process

If your work involves finding, vetting and placing the most skilled candidates then you must use the best recruiting software you can find. There are many advantages to working with good CRM software. But the topmost benefits that are almost instantly visible are –

  1. Streamline the hiring process

An in-house recruitment platform has an immediate impact on the way recruiters organise and structure their work. Using a good CRM enables users to store all their data in one place, maximising efficiency. This reduces any chance of misplacing important data and recruiters can quickly get access to any document they need. The use of a cloud-based recruitment software means that recruiters can work from anywhere and can continue to store and access data easily from the office or home.

  1. Automate tasks and improve efficiency 

Modern software systems are designed to automate a lot of repetitive tasks. For recruiters who are faced with a lot of admin work that is necessary but mundane and time-consuming, it is vital to find and include the best recruitment software for agencies. Instead of wasting time doing tedious work repeatedly, the recruitment database software can help you cut down on such tasks and all the saved time can go towards doing something more productive.

  1. Build better communication system

Positive candidate experience depends a lot on clear and consistent communication. Therefore, recruiters must practice good communication. It pays to ensure that both candidates and clients receive timely feedback and response from recruiters. But that can be challenging if one is dealing with a large number of applicants every month. Thus, it is practical to leverage a CRM recruitment platform to improve the quality of interaction and communication. From sending quick email responses and well-timed text messages or keeping notes on interviews, the best recruitment agency software makes work easier for all recruiters.

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  1. Ensure easy, effective compliance checks 

Every hiring manager and recruiter needs to carry out compliance checks regularly. It is one of the factors of the recruiting job to execute the right to work checks, get GDPR approvals and confirm whether each candidate is on the correct side of the IR35 rule. Missing out on these routine checks can lead to hefty fines. For start-ups, it can lead to the demise of the business. Even for bigger staffing agencies, it can be a big nuisance. Smart recruiters will keep themselves updated for the annual GDPR checks by using IR35 recruitment software.

The search for the best recruitment software for agencies 

If you are a recruiter looking to find the best recruiting software platform, always pay heed to the research process. This involves understanding your agency’s pain points. Talk to colleagues. Look into not just the leading recruitment CRM suppliers but also do thorough research of the smaller vendors and their products. 

Don’t overlook the quality of post-implementation care they offer. Be careful when checking for software integrations. You want the current recruiting tools your agency is using to work smoothly with the new recruitment platform. So whether it is an online skills testing software or a telephony service, you want them to integrate efficiently.

It can take many weeks and even months to complete the research. Buying the best recruitment agency software is not easy but it is worthwhile to take the time to do it well. CRM software is not cheap and the training and onboarding process can be lengthy. Thus, staffing agencies must undertake the process of finding the most suitable software seriously. This research process is the same for all types of CRM – perm or temporary recruitment software, or executive search software for head-hunters.

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