Wrongful termination lawyer qualities to look for

Wrongful termination lawyer qualities to look for

It is extremely stressful to lose your job for reasons you weren’t responsible for. In the absence of a steady paycheck, paying bills, providing food, and caring for children becomes increasingly difficult and scary. Furthermore, losing your job can negatively impact your career prospects in the future. What should you do now?

Don’t give up on your job if you were fired illegally. You should learn your rights and seek immediate legal help from a qualified wrongful termination attorney. You will have the best chance of winning damages when you hire an employment attorney. Here are five common scenarios of wrongful termination and what you should look for in a lawyer. Visit colbylegal.com to learn more.

Wrongful Termination: What Does It Mean?

As a general rule, most employment is considered “at-will” – meaning that any employee can be terminated at any time. It is not necessary to give the employee advance notice under these terms, and there doesn’t need to be a “good” reason for terminating an employee. At the same time, at-will termination remains subject to legal exceptions.

Employers who fire workers for discriminatory reasons are committing wrongful termination. The employer cannot also terminate an employee for making a report of illegal activity if retaliation is the reason, as this would constitute wrongful discharge. Here are three cases of wrongful discharge.

Illegal Discrimination

Federal law prohibits discrimination against employees based on certain identifying characteristics. Among the many forms of discrimination are harsh language, withholding promotion opportunities or benefits, paying differentially, and unfair treatment. A wrongful termination is defined as when an employee is fired for discrimination, even though workplace discrimination is a legal case in and of itself.

In addition, if you were terminated because you didn’t engage in a sexual act as a result of quid pro quo harassment, consult a wrongful termination attorney immediately.

Contract Breach

Despite being less common than workplace discrimination, breach of contract still occurs. An employer who fires a worker in breach of the terms of a signed contract is engaging in wrongful termination. In the event a contract stipulates that an employee will work for the organization for a specified period, the employer is bound by that agreement.

There are usually reasons for potential terminations in employment contracts. A breach of contract can result in wrongful termination if the reason for your termination was not stated in your contract.

Expert Employment Lawyers Make All the Difference

To maximize your chance of being compensated for wrongful termination, you should consult a lawyer. Whatever the reason for your illegal discharge, whether it was discrimination, breach of contract, or even retaliation, you need legal representation. Ideally, your employment lawyer would have experience, empathy, good communication skills, and be prepared and responsive for your case.

Our Minnesota employment law firm, MJSB Employment Justice, prides itself on its experience and advocacy in employment law. You can depend on our experienced team to help you get back on your feet after wrongful termination.

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