Entrepreneur Andrew Chapin Launches New Venture to Highlight Small Businesses

Entrepreneur Andrew Chapin Launches New Venture to Highlight Small Businesses

This August, listeners across the globe can look forward to tuning into a fresh, new podcast focused exclusively on the world of small businesses. Small Business World Tour is hosted by Andrew Chapin, a seasoned entrepreneur with a unique perspective on the small business world.

The Small Business World Tour podcast’s main thrust will be to cast a bright, deserved spotlight on local entrepreneurs. It aims to share their stories, focusing on how they took their passions, dreams, and ideas, and transformed them into successful business ventures. These stories form the lifeblood of our communities, and yet they often remain unheard amidst the clamor of larger corporate narratives.

A unique feature of the podcast will be its weekly interview format. Every week, Chapin will engage with a new guest, unpacking their experiences, successes, and trials in building their businesses. This series aims to provide listeners with a comprehensive, ground-up view of what it truly means to be an entrepreneur. Importantly, it will contrast sharply with the venture capital-backed success stories that usually dominate the podcast sphere, which often tend to glamorize entrepreneurship, eclipsing the very real challenges and setbacks that small businesses often face.

Andrew Chapin, the podcast host, brings a wealth of personal and professional experience to the table. Chapin not only as someone who grew up in a small business household but has also built and managed venture-backed technology companies throughout his career. However, his journey hasn’t been without its pitfalls. In 2020, his latest enterprise, Benja, collapsed under the weight of an accounting scandal for which Chapin was responsible.

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Chapin emphasizes that the Small Business World Tour is all about illuminating the inspiring, yet often gritty, narratives of entrepreneurs who have charted their own path to the American dream. “It’s important that we also highlight the challenges and mistakes people have made along the way,” Chapin said. “The mistakes I made and the pain it caused to those around me are some of the hard lessons I know will be valuable to listeners.”

As Small Business World Tour gears up for its inaugural episode in August, it has put out an open call for nominations. The team is on the hunt for small business owners with compelling, inspiring stories to share. Anyone interested in nominating an entrepreneur can do so through a dedicated form on the Small Business World Tour website.

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