How to Sell Art On Amazon Merch and Handmade by Amazon?

How to Sell Art On Amazon Merch and Handmade by Amazon?

Those days are long gone when the ecommerce industry was limited to selling books and other such products. Nowadays, a wide range of ecommerce platforms is operating in the industry, due to which it is possible to sell all types of products, including paintings and art. 

Amazon is certainly the most popular ecommerce platform. If you are a painter or a digital artist, you would want to reach a massive audience on Amazon and make maximum profits by selling your art. Therefore, the goal of this article is to help you by discussing how to sell art on Amazon. 

Amazon Merch and Handmade by Amazon

If you are an artist who wants to sell your art on Amazon, you have two different options to do it:

  1. Amazon Merch
  2. Handmade by Amazon

Both of these platforms are dedicated to facilitating artists and painters in selling art and making significant profits. In order to become a seller on either of these platforms, you have to submit a comprehensive application that will be manually reviewed and accepted by Amazon. 

Since Amazon is a large-scale ecommerce platform that receives thousands of applications from all over the world, you should not get disappointed if your application processing is taking time. Generally, Amazon takes about 8 to 12 weeks to respond to your application. Once the application is accepted, you can start selling your art immediately. 

Amazon Merch

Amazon Merch is mainly meant for digital artists. It is a type of first-party seller platform in which you can upload your artwork and let Amazon take care of the rest. In other words, all you have to do is upload photos of your art, and Amazon will handle the process of printing the art and shipping them to the customers. 

It is a very useful platform as artists don’t have to worry about the technical process of printing the paintings. Instead, experts like Amazon will be taking care of these procedures. Hence, artists get more time and energy to focus on their creative work and create amazing digital artwork. 

Handmade by Amazon

As the name suggests, Handmade by Amazon is meant for handmade products such as artwork, paintings, jewelry, and other handmade products. Businesses that have a team of fewer than 20 people can rely on Handmade by Amazon to sell their products. 

The working of Handmade by Amazon is similar to Etsy. You get significant freedom in the type of handmade products you want to sell. Its popular feature of 2-day shipping is a major reason why a lot of artists rely on Handmade by Amazon to sell their products. However, keep in mind that Handmade by Amazon is not meant for digital products. 

Follow these steps to sell art on Amazon:

  1. Complete the application and answer all of the questions related to your business and qualifications that are relevant to you becoming a seller on Amazon. 
  2. Decide the fulfillment method through which you want to ship the products to your customers. 
  3. Once your account is approved, start marketing your product on various platforms to reach a large number of customers and sell the art. 


One of the major advantages of learning how to sell art on Amazon through Amazon Merch or Handmade by Amazon is that there are no hidden charges involved in it. All of the charges are made clear to you at the time of selling a product. 

Moreover, you get exposure to the massive global customer base of Amazon through these platforms. As a result, artists are able to sell their products anywhere in the world. It levels the playing field for all artists, and if your artwork is interesting enough for the target audience, it will definitely attract significant orders and ratings on Amazon. This kind of massive exposure is not possible with another ecommerce platform that is specifically meant to sell artwork and digital art. 

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There are some disadvantages of using Amazon Merch and Handmade by Amazon as well. There is a 15% referral fee on every product, which is quite high, especially for new sellers. As a result, many artists might not want to pay this kind of fee and consider using another platform to sell their art. 

Another significant disadvantage is that there are limited to no personal branding options on Amazon. Therefore, if you plan to have a separate brand and sell products on social media or through your own website, you cannot expect to do branding via Amazon.


The bottom line is that using Amazon to sell different types of products, such as your art, is a smart and efficient way of becoming a successful online seller. Once your art products become popular on Amazon, you can expect to make huge profits from Amazon as a lot of people will be ordering your art on a regular basis.

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