Stylabs Limited Proposes Valentine’s Day Jewelry Gift Ideas

Stylabs Limited Proposes Valentine’s Day Jewelry Gift Ideas

What could be better than giving her a diamond jewel to tell her how much you love her?

Diamonds forever

It is undoubtedly the most emblematic gem when it comes to meanings: the diamond is eternal, it speaks of eternal love and it is eternally loved in jewelry. The wonderful light that the diamond displays through reflections of all the colors of the rainbow makes this gem one of the most coveted.

Let’s not forget that diamonds are immediately identifiable due to their unparalleled brilliance and prism effect, which makes them one of the most preferred gemstones.

Valentine’s Day Jewelry Gift Ideas by Stylabs Limited:

Everything will clearly depend on what you want. It is a great trend to give pendants with recognizable forms like flowers, animal outlines, boxes, etc., completely covered with precious stones.

A gold-plated silver pendant with diamonds, in the shape of a heart, is a perfect gift for this day, which celebrates love.

If you prefer something more sophisticated, go ahead and give colored diamonds, such as a set of light point earrings with blue diamonds, combined with a pendant, and a ring with blue diamonds in yellow gold.

It may be that this Valentine’s Day is special for you and you prefer a slightly more opulent jewel, in which case a beautiful “tennis” bracelet with diamonds would be the perfect gift.

Diamond jewelry is forever and as far as fashion is concerned they have the privilege of being “timeless”, they may be a great trend today but they will be worn tomorrow and in a hundred years without having lost an iota of its attraction.

One thing to keep in mind: “Rose de France” diamonds: Last year, the Argyle diamond mine in Australia, which belonged to the Rio Tinto mining company and where 90% of the world’s pink diamonds were extracted , closed forever after 37 years of activity.

From that mine came the most beautiful pale pink, deep pink, magenta and champagne rose diamonds, known as “Rose de France” diamonds.

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Therefore, acquiring today a jewel with diamonds of these characteristics, coming from the legendary Argyle mine, is undoubtedly a small investment step, since its price increases day by day – and will increase in the coming years, as exponential.

Experts speak of a 300 to 500% turnaround in three years, which has never happened before in the gemstone market.

And why is this data important? Because Stylabs Limited has a collection of jewelery with Rose de France diamonds from the legendary mine and offers the pieces at – still – very affordable prices. Valentine’s Day is the ideal time to take advantage of a unique and unrepeatable opportunity to acquire a piece of jewelry with a Rose de France diamond.

Luxury jewelry with diamonds: Stylabs Limited

Stylabs Limited proposes wonderful high jewelry collection, with its wonderful creations that have both white and natural colored diamonds: yellow and orange. Their creations are of great impact, which also show spectacular emeralds, sapphires, rubies and tanzanites.

It is up to you to decide which jewel to give on such a special day. If you opt for diamonds, you are opting for timeless glamour and elegance!

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