The Best Plants Options For Your Fresh Water Aquarium

The Best Plants Options For Your Fresh Water Aquarium

Aquariums are capable of changing the entire look of any indoor space. It gives your personal sphere a classy look and makes your surroundings more natural. In fact, that is one of the reasons, that offices around the world have freshwater aquariums, to make a great impression on their clients while giving off calming vibes to their employees. However, the one issue is that, while decorators and people alike put a lot of thought into plants for office desk and home table-top, however people leave aquariums out of the discussion. If you are an indoor plant enthusiast, then you must know beautiful they can make everything look, and aquariums are no exception. Aquariums plants are a little different from normal plants, however, they can give your tank a unique aesthetic look. 

If you are considering changing how your aquariums look, then plants are the way to go. Along with giving it a different aura, plants will also increase the cleanliness and health of your precious fish tank. Don’t know which plant to go for? Well, do not fret! Again we are here to help you out with a detailed list of all the amazing plants that you can consider growing in your aquariums along with some tips on them. So read on to give a new look to your fish home! 

Tiger Lotus

Officially known by the name Nymphaea lotus, Tiger Lotus is one of the most beautiful aquarium plants ever. The plant is of a deep red color and got its name because of the yellow stripes that adorn the huge leaves of the said aquatic plant. The plant comes as a bulb and later bloom in the water. Taking care of these plants is not that difficult, however, you do have to remove the big floating leaves as they can block out all the light but the beauty these plants project is worth all the effort. While buying the bulb, always check it by pressing it lightly. If it feels firm it is good to go, but if it’s squishy then it is rotten. Also, remember to not cover the entire bulb while planting it. 

African Water Fern

One of the hardiest aquatic plants, African Water Fern or Bolbitis Heudelotii as it is scientifically known, can change the look of your aquarium real quick. Planting these plants is a bit different than normal once, you see water ferns are mostly found in African rivers where the water is extremely fast-moving. Therefore, this plant attaches itself to rocks, so you can not plant it in soil or else the roots will die, just take a rock and tie the plant to it with a thread or elastic band. The roots will attach themselves to the rock pretty soon and it’s done.

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Red Ludwigia

Wanna add a splash of color to your aquarium except for the fishes, then Red Ludwigia is the plant to think about. The plant needs a lot of lighting to turn red in color but once it does, the light green color mixed with the bright red will surely take your breath away. Remember lighting plays an important role in this plant’s health if you place it in the dark the color will fade away real quick and the roots will rot. 

Marimo Ball

The plant is honestly the most unique aquatic aquarium plant in the world. Marimo ball is just what the name advertises, a cute fluffy ball of greenery! However, these plants have now become pretty rare as they grow only in freshwater lakes in Japan and Iceland where they are considered as a sign of good luck and prosperity, that is why they are seen as a gifting plant. These are pretty hardy and don’t need much looking after in fact, the texture of the plant acts as a filter of the water and helps to make the water cleaner for your fishes. Another interesting fact about these plants is that they are so hardy that they can live on for years. If you provide the plant with a little care from your end you can actually pass of the plant to your kids and even grandkids as a present. 

Making aquariums healthy and pretty is not that hard, just take your pick from the fascinating list above and relish in the peaceful vibes.

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