Why is bridal jewellery giving so much importance in India?

Why is bridal jewellery giving so much importance in India?

We all know that with its eye-catching, elaborate designs, Indian bridal jewelry captures the attention of everyone. The jewelry’s true beauty, however, lies much deeper and is thought to be a fusion of spiritual and cultural essences for the most joyous and stunning event in a woman’s life.

What is the importance of jewellery for Indian bride?

  • The cultural diversity of our nation is reflected in every Indian wedding. Due to their tradition, every wedding is observed in a special way. 
  • Everything is carefully considered, from the traditional food to the clothing and ceremonies, and bridal jewelry is one of the most crucial components of the wedding trousseau in India. 
  • Most frequently, wedding jewelry combines spiritual and cultural elements. Swarajshop and India’s wedding jewelry sets come with a variety of diverse accessories, including maang-tikka, passa, earrings, nose rings, shimmering bangles, armlets, Kamar bandh, traditional bajuband and Payals.
  • Although customs and cultures have changed over time, bridal jewelry continues to be an important part of Indian weddings. Each accessory is represented specifically in the bridal adornment. For instance, necklaces are a symbol of safety and success. 
  • The bride is of marrying age when she wears a nose jewelry adornment. The bride’s physical and emotional health is implied by her earrings.
  • Making Indian bridal jewelry is a rigorous and labor-intensive process. Consequently, it will become famous among future generations, and we at Swarajshop have been producing extraordinary and original bridal designs for many years.

Most popular types of jewellery for Indian Bridal 

  • The simple station chain necklace

A long station chain necklace is effortlessly adaptable for both daytime wear and formal occasions. It is elegant, polished, and open to interpretation. Junctions can be finished with diamonds and precious stones or they can be kept as simple sterling silver beads.

With these kinds of designs making more of a statement than jumpers and thick knits, the British weather is another factor contributing to the appeal of station chain necklaces.

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Although the classic diamond line bracelet is continually being updated, its wearing simplicity is unquestionably what makes it so appealing.


To make a statement at an upcoming wedding, wear this stunning armlet/bajuband created exclusively by Swarajshop. It will help you achieve the Indian appearance by making your arms appear graceful when worn with a saree, anarkali, or lehenga.


One of a woman’s wardrobe’s key jewelry items is the bindiya for wedding. They beautify your face, draw attention to your facial characteristics, and can be an excellent accent to go with your attire. However, choosing the ideal bindiya is challenging, especially if you have a large collection.

Nose rings

Without the bride wearing a large nose ring, a Hindu wedding in North India is not complete. It could also be shortened or used as an earring. However, these nose rings can also be altered to fit the bride’s preferences for her special day.

Kada/ Traditional Kangan

Brides are always seen wearing an antique Kangan or jewelry, regardless of whatever Northern region of the country they are from. It can be the one that was passed down through the generations or the one that goes well with some stylish silver or diamond bracelets.

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