Candies Look More Attractive in Custom Packaging

Candies Look More Attractive in Custom Packaging

Candies are the sweets that are equally liked by children and adults. They are not bound to any special occasion, you can present them in a party or to a guest. Candies are also a very popular item used to be given as gifts. They have a big business around them, so the competition is also very tough. Companies are always trying to come up with something new and innovative in the making of them to stand out in front of their competitors. Almost every fruit has a corresponding candy to it. But for good or for bad, it seems that now there is not much to be done about the enhancement in the quality of candies because every technique has been applied and every experiment has been done in that section. So there is less room for innovation there. But there is one area which is ever open to newness and innovation and that is the packaging of candies.

Custom Candy Packaging

Like any other product, candies need to be packaged in elegant packages. Brands put in their best efforts in designing best and unique packages for the candies. So there is tough competition in this area too, but again with a lot of room for creativity. The main reason for designing these custom candy packaging is to make them unique, appealing and attractive. There are different kinds of candies available with different flavors and the packaging you choose depends on them. People use custom candy packages for different purposes. For example, customizing these packages for giving to someone as a gift, similarly children can order the customized packaging according to different events. One can also customize them if one has to say thanks to someone or has to ask for forgiveness.

What Customers Want

It is beyond any doubt that customers render a great importance to the product packaging and look deeply into it before finally purchasing the product. It is a game of a few seconds in which the customers judge the quality of the product by its packaging. Not only are they affected by the aesthetic appeal of the packaging but also by whether the packaging is environmentally friendly or not. So it has now become important to design custom candy packages that are not only aesthetically appealing but also environmentally friendly. So the consumers prefer brands that have eco friendly policies and are ready to pay more for it.

What to Avoid

When there is a small stack of candies in relatively large boxes, the consumers face disappointment. Some brands make this mistake, which can negatively affect the sales. Large packaging implies there’s a large product inside, when in fact there are only a few candies. It will not only disappoint customers by setting wrong expectations, but also it will hurt your brand image because unnecessary packaging shows that there is more environmental waste. Also don’t use plastic in the custom candy packages, try to come up with eco friendly alternatives such as cardboard, corrugated or Kraft.

What Brands should do

The phrases such as ‘looks aren’t everything’ and ‘it’s inside that matters’ don’t apply to the packaging industry, especially when you have new products which you want to introduce in the market. Both the inside and the outside of the packages should suit each other for an appealing design. It is not a good idea to pack your sweet candies in the plain boxes. Rather, try to keep up with the latest trends for the candy boxes.

First of all, the brands should use a high quality material for the custom candy packages. Not only should the material be cost effective and eco friendly, but also it should take the printing well. The candies require strong and durable packages so that they don’t get melted or spoiled during transportation. A good choice of material can save you from a lot of problems.

The custom candy packaging should be relevant and on point. Colors are an important part of packaging that plays with the psychology of consumers. So the choice of color scheme should complement the product. Moreover, the box should not contain needless text, graphics and patterns. It will make it difficult for the customers to understand the message you want to convey.

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What Type of Packaging Works for Candies

Different products need different types of packaging. For candies they should be attractive, easy to open and in some cases, resealable. Some of the commonly used candy packaging supplies are cardboard, Aluminum foil, plastic bags and boxes, glass jars and waxed paper. Small sized candies can be packed in plastic or cardboard boxes. When it comes to chocolates, some companies use foil with the packaging to maintain their shape and quality. Same technique can be applied to candies. If you are concerned about the harms that can occur to your products while shipping, the use of dividers and bubble-wrap wrap inside the candy packages can be considered to further protect your product.


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