Must Do Treks in Summer Season

Must Do Treks in Summer Season


Summer is the best season for trekking. For these there are numerous trekking mountain ranges awaiting to welcome the trekking lovers. Himalayas are the home of acquisition of having the tallest treks. The landscapes are best offered with snow capped mountains, green meadows for horses to graze, barren terrain with Mesmerizing beauty, and snowy regions that are waiting to challenge your trekking skills. There are a lot of trekking regions which offer training and practice for trekking lovers and beginners. You indeed love the craze that was hidden in Himalayan mountain ranges. There are a lot of trail treks which bag their own unique beauties and offer enjoyment to the trekkers.

1.Pangarchulla peak

Pangarchulla peak trek is the shortest trek although it satisfies all the expectations of trekking lovers. The trekking journey takes you to the pilgrimage towns like Haridwar and Joshimath. You are introduced to the best sightseeing views of Nanda Devi, Himalayan ranges etc. This trek offers the best training for the Everest trek climbing to beginners and trek lovers. You were mesmerised in the scenic beauties and evergreen lush green meadows offered by the Pangarchulla peak trek. If you are fortunate you may find attractive snow at the tip of the peak. All these breathtaking, heartwarming nature beauties are offered by visiting the Pangarchulla peak. It has a bagging altitude of 14,700 feet. The level of difficulty is suggested as moderate to difficult. The overall duration it requires to trek the Pangarchulla peak trek is 6 days. It is allowing its tourists in between the time from April to May.

2.Kedarkantha Trek

Kedarkantha Trek is a mountain range which is located in Uttarakhand. It is bagging the maximum elevation of 17,500 feet. The difficulty level of this trek is measured as easy to moderate. It is inviting its tourists all over the year except during monsoon. The kedarkantha Trek base camp is one of the best panoramic views offering trek. With these it is attracting a lot of tourists especially during summers. It is helping the trekkers to improve their trekking skills with the 12,500 feet altitude at an easy to moderate level. This trekking campaign initially starts from the Sankri and ends at Shepherd Camp. Although it won’t require experience in trekking you can’t be tired out at the halfway camp of 6 days. Photographers can gain fame for their talents with the Juda-ka-talab pond lake. You can rest well at night at base camp and ahead to Sankri next morning. The trails and practices are suggested because of the Sankri although it is 20 kms overwhelmed with toughest conditions from there. However Kedarkantha is offering a good opportunity for beginner level trekkers in summer.

3.Everest base camp

Everest base camp is the best preferable trek by the trekkers who want to explore with their best skills around the world. This trek will improve your skills and sharpen them during the trekking period of it. You are best suggested to have prior experience to confront the fight against the conditions offered by Everest. The restless 14 days of confrontation of Everest and winning it gives long lasting experiences for our whole lifetime. Kala pattar is the best trek trail which provides the training as well as the absolute mesmerising views. Base camp of Everest is pinned in Nepal. The level of difficulty is suggesting a difficult level. It has a maximum elevation of 18,192 feet. The best season to trek over the Everest base camp is between March to May.

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4.The Har Ki Doon Valley trek

The Har Ki Doon Valley trek is pinned in Uttarakhand. It is bagging the maximum elevation of 11,675 feet. It has a cradle shaped hanging valley. This is one of the best choosable treks to experience the real trekking enjoyments especially during summers. The valley stands for its beauty and adventures. It is also bagging the history that Pandavas eneouted all the routes over here and made their way to reach heaven. The 47 km trek requires a trial period of 7 days. Orchids and rhododendrons bloom and the meadows are showering their beauty all over the trekking route. The trail ends at the Har Ki Doon Valley trek and later moves to the Sankri spot.

5. Valley of flowers

 Valley of flowers is an Indian National park later taken control by the UNESCO World Heritage site. It is also a second core zone of Nanda Devi’s Biosphere Reserve region. A best spot for the photographers,botanists,and adventurous seekers etc. To reach the Valley of flowers, we can have a bus,taxi,Volvo buses, private taxis etc from Delhi to Haridwar. And next you can have taxis which are available around there to arrive within 10-12 hrs Govindghat. From them Valley of flowers is pinned 16 km away from it.Valley of flowers is pinned on the state of Uttarakhand.Valley of flowers was discovered by the British rulers. A perfect destination spot for family tourism.

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