Demanding Workflow? How the Fujitsu FI-8170 Can Help

Demanding Workflow? How the Fujitsu FI-8170 Can Help

No two scanner models are created alike. While this statement may seem obvious, it does underscore a vital point: You must choose a scanner with a mix of features that best meet your needs. Fujitsu’s fi Series scanners combine high image quality with improved speed, paper handling and versatility. This short guide reviews several powerful features offered by the Fujitsu fi-8170 scanner. 

Multi-Feed Detection

Like several other types of scanners from Fujitsu, the fi-8170 includes Multi-Feed Detection. This feature includes overlap and length detection modes. As your scan progresses, the fi-8170 discovers where pages overlap along with different page lengths within the same document. Thanks to this capability, the fi-8170 can effortlessly handle legal, letter, A4 and other sized sheets in the same scan job. 

Heavy Duty Design

The fi-8170’s heavy-duty design sets it apart from many other models. With its proven dependability and strength, this scanner can easily handle large and complex workflows. With an expected daily volume of 10,000 sheets, the 8170 is a champ at handling high-volume scanning. 

Fast and Efficient Scanning

The fi-8170 sports a 100-page document feeder with enhanced handling and exit stacker design. Its 70-ppm scanning speed allows you to capture information quickly, while duplex scanning removes the need to constantly monitor and feed two-sided documents. 

Accurate Data Capturing

Fujitsu’s Clear Image Capture increases image clarity and data accuracy. CIC harnesses 3D color conversion, which digitizes images through 4,913 color levels instead of the typical 30 color levels used in older scanners with Contact Image Sensor technology. Along with improved color accuracy, CIC’s algorithms avert color shifting and line distortions resulting from creased, folded or crumpled papers. By accounting for such color variations, CIC can produce much higher-quality images. 

Fujitsu’s CIC is also key to better optical character recognition. Sharper images help boost OCR accuracy, which more faithfully reproduces the information in the original documents. This accuracy also enhances searchability, enabling you to quickly access the data you need in Microsoft Office and searchable PDF documents. 

Paper Jam Prevention

Intelligent Sonic Paper Protection and Image Monitoring are two vital technologies that preserve the unit’s dependability. They use both sound and image detection to avert paper jams. The iSOP feature automatically stops scans when it detects sound above a certain frequency threshold — for instance, noises from staples embedded in the paper. Image Monitoring keeps track of paper feed distances to avoid jams. 

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PaperStream: A Robust Scanning Solution

The fi-8170 is compatible with PaperStream, a suite of document imaging apps available from Fujitsu. These applications include PaperStream ClickScan, IP, Capture, NX Manager, Capture Pro and Scanner Central Admin. Each provides different levels of support. For example, ClickScan offers simple capturing. Meanwhile, NX Manager is a server solution that allows you to centrally manage scanning functionality in your office. 

The fi Series is just one collection of capable, feature-packed scanners by Fujitsu. The Fujitsu ScanSnap machines offer one-touch scanning plus direct-to-cloud, automatic document feeding and double-sided scanning accessible through an intuitive touchscreen. With their smaller footprints, ScanSnap scanners are ideal for home and business users with limited space. 

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