Download PimpandHost: Manage Your Files

Download PimpandHost: Manage Your Files

PimpAndHost is a free image hosting website mostly used by professionals in online web graphic arts, who love images. To upload high-quality graphics and videos to their websites, subscribers have to create accounts here to get unlimited rights to use them. 

As an account holder, one can upload as many images as possible, which are then managed by the website. The subscriber gets paid for each uploaded image and the charges depend on the size of the image file, its clarity, and color. Some images are also set to low resolution for better visual quality.

Advantages of Pimpandhost

The software is simple to install and use. Just follow the steps given on the homepage of the web portal for uploading. Subscribers can use their personal computer to upload images or they can use the uploaders offered by pimpandhost. The uploading process is quite fast. There is no need for a web server and most importantly, there’s no need for any plug-in or downloads.

A subscriber can either upload BMP or JPEG files. JPEG (compressed file) format is commonly used to store images on the web. JPEG has compression algorithms that make the resulting compressed image smaller than the original file. The size of the resulting jpeg file is usually far less than that of a BMP image.

Upload Photos

Another advantage offered by pimpandhost is the option to upload photos in different resolutions. The quality of the images is, therefore, better in the case of resolutions lower than 300 pixels. There are two methods to increase the size of the pig: first by adding extra pixels to the image file and second by making the file itself bigger. It is possible to select the method that works best for you. The uploading process is simple, straightforward, and uncomplicated.

Disadvantages of Pimpandhost

No Upload Button

With pimpandhost, there’s also an upload button. Just like the other free web hosting sites, users can upload images from the camera roll on the website. The only difference is that when you click the upload button, you are directed to another page. You have the option of either continuing to the Upload Images page or leaving the pimpandhost account.

One major disadvantage of pimpandhost is its limited free features. The program allows only one per account. This means that the members have to pay to be able to upload images and videos. This may be a good option for high-quality image sharing sites such as Facebook, but not so much for regular photo-sharing sites.

When uploading pictures from your camera roll, there’s a simple step-by-step process in which you have to follow. First, click on the ‘New Image’ option in the left pane of pimpandhost. Next, you have to click on the upload button. Next, make sure to click on the button of your choice before saving the file. Finally, save the file and upload the image.

Simple like Facebook

The upload feature works very well with the photo-sharing websites such as Facebook. The uploading feature of pimpandhost is also similar to the one of Facebook. However, pimpandhost is a superior program. Users can upload various file formats and can share pictures instantly. This makes pimpandhost one of the best platforms for uploading photos online.

It is possible for you to create a user name and a password, or you can create an email address and use that for creating new passwords. You can also create a profile and enable the ‘show dialog box’ option. 

The next step after you have enabled the ‘show dialog box’ option is to select a plain text editor to put the images that you are going to upload in the pimpandhost. Finally, you have to click on the ‘send to’ button to send your files to the website owner.

The pimpandhost platform has very simple upload features. The upload feature also allows you to select various picture formats such as JPEG and PNG. Moreover, you can also upload text and images in different color options. 

The best part about the pimpandhost platform is that you can perform a variety of functions such as deleting files, moving files to other servers, locking files, and many more. Therefore, you can perform multiple functions with this website without any difficulty at all.


To conclude, pimpandhost is an awesome website that allows you to manage your files securely. You can put your files on the website and then upload photos from your mobile phone or from your personal computer. Moreover, if you have been using the free photo hosting services offered on the internet, then you will definitely love pimpandhost because it offers better functionality than the free services. 

To make it more interesting, you can enable the ‘show dialog box’ option in the ‘about me section. By enabling the show dialog box option, you will be able to see the password of the account whenever you need to access the account.

The Rise of PimpAndHost

PimpandHost is an online community, which has thousands of members already. It is a place for people who share common interests and discuss important issues on the internet. One of the most talked-about subjects within this community is webcam porn. Members of this community enjoy sharing and exchanging nude images of each other. 

The images that are exchanged are usually those that were taken directly without the permission of the person in the picture or with the permission of his or her legal representative. If you want to experience the same thrill as these guys do, then it would be best for you to become one of their members.

PimpandHost Problems

PimpAndHost problem refers to the inability of users on the pimpandhost site to access the main page. Some users have complained that whenever they try to go to this web page, they always fail since all they see are advertisements for other websites.

 It has also been reported that they are sometimes unable to access certain websites even after paying several visits. It has been theorized that these advertisements are being placed there by some “advertiser” for which they are receiving payment.

One of the ways through which pimpandhost can be used to solve this problem is to use its Upload button feature. This button allows the member to upload images and videos directly to their computer. However, uploading images from other websites requires them to first click on “Upload Image” and then choose the particular website or page where they want to place the uploaded file. 

To make sure that no unauthorized person places pornographic content on their PC, members are required to enter a valid email address and password. This process of using the Upload button has been found to cause many security risks as well.

Security Risks

Aside from the security risks involved with uploading files from pimpandhost, many members have also complained about the slow speed of the website and the impossibility to browse through the images easily. The website does not use a flash player. 

As a result, it is very difficult to view images like you would if you were using a flash player-enabled web browser like Mozilla Firefox. When clicking on one of the images, you are forced to wait for several seconds before the image appears. Members often complain that they cannot enjoy the features of pimpandhost fully because of these issues.

Image Editing

Another big issue with pimpandhost and most other image editing websites is the possibility of private images being viewed publicly. When a member uses their personal computer to upload an image, anyone can browse through this image irrespective of whether they already know that the file is protect by a password. 

This means that a stranger can view images that members have uploaded with the sole intention of invading their privacy. Most users make sure to set their private images as private even when posting them on pimpandhost, which may not be enough.

Because of the aforementioned problems, pimpandhost users often encounter difficulties while looking for and viewing files. Since uploading pictures to pimpandhost is very easy, it is oftenly use by individuals who do not wish to spend too much time uploading images to other platforms. 

As a result, a lot of offensive content is uploaded to these popular search engines. The uploader may use these pictures to post on other sites as well. Even worse, other members may find these images offensive and invade the members’ private space.

PimpAndHost Popularity

Pimpandhost has had a steady rise in popularity over the past few years. Its popularity has increased so much that many companies and individuals have decided to post ads on pimpandhost to try and earn some commissions. It is because of this popularity that pimpandhost is considering the top photo-sharing platform by so many people. 

Unfortunately for pimpandhost users, they have been caught out in the middle of a scam, wherein advertisers have been impersonating the host site in order to trick members into clicking on their ads. This may result in a loss of revenue for the company and may ultimately lead to the downfall of pimpandhost.

Final Verdict

Pimpandhost used to be among the best and most popular adult websites online, but due to its recent development and the issues mentioned above, many people are now saying that it no longer deserves the throne of being one of the most popular websites online. Still, there are still a number of people who frequent the pimpandhost website platform. 

This is because it’s easy to set up and use, along with the fact that it is a top-rated website platform. Most people are happy with the features of pimpandhost, along with the simplicity of uploads. Some even use this website platform to store their precious pictures and personal photographs.

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