Ibuki Mioda (Character) – Glitchwave Video Games Database

Ibuki Mioda (Character) – Glitchwave Video Games Database

Ibuki Mioda is a member of Class 77-B of Hope’s Peak Academy, and a participant in the Killing School Trip. In the series, he holds the title of the Ultimate Musician. As a participant in the Killing School Trip, he is a valuable resource for the team. The following is a list of some of his many talents, and his most notable moments.


Ibuki Mioda is a student in Class 77-B at Hope’s Peak Academy. She has been selected to be a participant in the Killing School Trip. Her title is the Ultimate Musician. Despite her humble beginnings, she quickly proves to be one of the most popular characters in the series. Her personality is a perfect blend of charisma and innocence. As such, she is a highly popular character among fans of the anime series.

Mikan Tsumiki, the first victim of the Despair Disease, is a close friend of Ibuki. The two are good friends and Ibuki teases Mikan for his shy nature, which makes him fear her. Despite this, they remain friends and are frequently seen celebrating on the ship. However, the two are separated when Mikan contracts the despair disease. The series also features other characters such as Izuki Mioda.


One of the most iconic moments of the anime is the first Ibuki Mioda appearance. In the movie, Ibuki is seen practicing his guitar alongside Hiyoko. He also catches sight of Fuyuhiko and Peko Pekoyama talking in the alley. Later on, Ibuki notices Mahiru crying on Hiyoko after he hears her cry because she’s lost her husband, Sato.

Ibuki Mioda is a member of Class 77-B of Hope’s Peak Academy and is a participant of the Killing School Trip. She is a sweet and likable young woman who loves music. Her appearance in the anime is very much like her character in the video game. She is pale with pink eyes, and her hair is long, multicolored and tied into oni horns. She wears unusual clothing and has a rather odd sense of style.

Light Music Club Members

Ibuki’s clothes are quite different from the usual light music club members. She wears pink pants on her right leg, and ripped white pants on her left. Her shoes are white with blue lace. She also has two horns on her head. She also has a light pink skirt and a white blouse. In addition to her clothes, she wears a yellow pointed bracelet on her left hand, and a black skort.


The Personality of Ibuki Miodo is a mix of fun and practicality. She has an affinity for girly, cute things, and her favorite color is pink. In addition to her adoration of cute items, she also loves to dress up in skirts and dresses and wear hair bands. In addition to her obsession with cute things, Ibuki also loves to play games on her phone and talk to herself.

The most distinguishing characteristic of the character is her high energy level. She tends to talk too much, and is often found taking notes on random topics. She is also known for breaking the fourth wall – she will repeat herself when she feels frustrated or anxious. Despite her high energy level, Ibuki Mioda is prone to anxiety and panic attacks. As a result, she is often the only student in class.


Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair concludes with the murder of Ibuki Mioda. The remaining members of her class lie comatose. Despite the fact that her death was a tragic one, it can be seen as a hero’s death. Mikan and Ibuki share an emotional bond. During the game, Ibuki and Mikan tease and annoy one another for their shy personalities. The pair enjoy being together and laughing, but Mikan is scared of the music that Ibuki plays. Mikan and Ibuki’s friendship is put to the test when they become infected with the despair disease.

Final Words:

The scene starts with Ibuki standing in front of an open bathroom stall. A large hook sticks out of the ceiling. Ibuki threw the rope over it. She heard a knock on the door. She froze for a moment, then stepped onto the rope. She tied a knot around her neck, just before she was about to kick the bucket. However, her life was spared because of her bravery.


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