Must Do Winters Trek From Bangalore

Must Do Winters Trek From Bangalore

Kumar Parvatha a weekend getaway could be a much-needed respite from the hustle and bustle of the town. It’s crucial to require a chance from mundane work and revel in some quality time together with your family and friends. At first, you would possibly suppose that there don’t seem to be several winter destinations close to the urban center. However, the province boasts a loved mixture of destinations for those that like to travel. There area unit several weekend getaways at a drivable vary that work a good short trip from urban center. For an unforgettable vacation, here are a couple of winter destinations close to the urban center that you simply cannot miss.

Kumara Parvatha 

One of the very best peaks within the Western Ghats. The Kumar Parvatha trek is located within the Pushpagiri life Sanctuary. If you’re coming back from Coorg, the most effective choice to reach the trek is by taking a cab to Pushpagiri life Sanctuary.It takes virtually a pair of days to finish the trek. The troublesome level of the trek is from moderate to difficult.The path path is around a pair of klick and it’s an ideal place for one-day trekking. Throughout the trek, you get the prospect of going to fantastically crafted Yoga Narasimha and Bhoga Narasimha temple. The trekking level isn’t terribly robust further, it lies from simple to moderate.

Savandurga Hill Trek

The giant stone (a large single block of rock) in Asia. It includes 2 peaks – Kaprigudda that is additionally called Black Hill and Biligudda that is additionally called White Hill. The trek is 60km away, within the west of urban center, off Magadi Road in Dabguli. The length of the trek is five to six klick which might be lined simply someday. The path is open and has only a few trees. The scenery is gorgeous once you reach the highest of the trek wherever the Nandi temple is located. Night trekking is additionally allowed over these hills. The hills are created from granite rocks and have a moderate steep inclination. This inclination rises the trekking level from medium to troublesome. The most effective time to go to these hills is from Nov to May. The weather remains cold here, in these months. attempt to avoid trekking, within the months of monsoon as precipitation in monsoon makes the granite additional slippery which might cause accidents.

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Nandi Hills 

One of the most effective trekking places in the urban center. It’s 4700 linear units. high on top of water level. The trek is fifty eight klick off from urban center airdrome. you’ll be able to take a cab or a bus to achieve the spot. The trek starts from a road that ends up in Nandi Hills, a preferred destination. The length of the trek is around one.5 klick which might be completed someday solely. The trek isn’t abundant and it’s quite simple for each individual. It’s the most effective trek for beginners and conjointly safe for kids. The trek is very made in flora and fauna. individuals typically trek these hills throughout early mornings to visualize the sunrise on top of the clouds. It is visited anytime throughout the year because the weather remains pleasant usually. Nandi hills give several different venturesome activities conjointly except trekking like paragliding, cycling, and inhabitation.

Devarayanadurga trek

It could be a close trekking place in the urban center. It’s around 70km away from the urban center. To achieve the trek, you’ve got to require national main road forty eight out of the urban center. On the Pune main road,Devarayanadurga is 15km from here. it’s at the peak of 3940 linear units. close to the geological formation Naamada Chilume. 

Madhugiri Fort 

Madhugiri Fort Fort or the Hill is taken into account because it is the second-largest stone in Asia. The height is 3930 linear units. high on top of water level. The Hill is within the Tumkur district and at a distance of 100km from the urban center. The place is definitely accessible by transport and it doesn’t need any price tag. The gap of the trek is around 3km from all sides and it takes 2 or 3 hours to end the trek. The initial path of the trek is straightforward and it gets far more troublesome at the top. The later path of the trek is additional appropriate for mountain climbing compared to trekking itself. This trek is unquestionably not for beginners.


 The highest peak in the province. It’s located in Chikmagalur that is 280km off from the urban center. The start line of the trek, Sarpadhari is more than fifteen klick off from Chikmagalur. The gap from the start line to the height is almost 3- 4km, which takes daily to finish the trek. you’ll be able to see certain falls within the middle of the trek. The most effective season to travel trekking over these hills is winter however if you would like to visualize the recent leafage around.


The peak is the highest within the Coorg district. It’s at an associate degree altitude of 5735 linear units. The trek is 274 klick off from the urban center within the village of Kakkabe. The gap of the trek is around 16km and it starts from Nalknad Palace. you’ll be able to either cowl it in someday or extend it to 2 days by enjoying inhabitation in the dead of night. The trekking expertise is marvelous here because it takes you to Shola forests with stream crossings. The problem level for trek lies from simple to moderate. The right time to go to Tadiandamol is from Sep to Feb.

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