The Hottest HVAC Trends in 2022

The Hottest HVAC Trends in 2022

With ever-changing trends, the technology that’s sold to consumers for their homes exhibits few differences to clothing or cuisine. Taken from the requests of the buyers and surveys conducted with people purchasing new home necessities, trends bring innovation to the consumer market.

This is easily seen with new and upcoming HVAC systems. A split system HVAC has low power consumption and compatibility with almost any building. Some of the biggest HVAC trends right now are increasing their range and technology farther than ever before. Read on to find out what they are.

Alternative Installation Techniques

Split ACs are used ubiquitously across the country, one reason being their ease for technicians to install fast. Installation processes have improved, enabling a split system HVAC to move cool or warm air deeper into the central area of residences.


A back-to-back split system installation is descriptive of this technique, giving homes a climate-controlled interior comparable to having a more costly central unit. Although trendy for many consumers looking to upgrade their home cooling and heating systems, the setup is quite simple. It involves additional pipes and piping cover.


Once installation is finished using the back-to-back fitting, you’ll have access to air and heat in places where air would never circulate before. People with double brick and double-story homes are beneficiaries of this sort of install.

Low Kilowatt Systems

Air conditioning and heating with a low-performance HVAC unit can make up the single largest polluter in a home. This would be felt in energy costs but damaging to the environment.

Low kilowatt systems are becoming popular more than ever, a great investment and a contribution to keep the air we breathe clean. Low kilowatt systems are pretty small but mighty, ideal for single bedrooms, small spaces, or studios with low square meters. Add one for cooling and heating long hallways, reading rooms, or sitting rooms.

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HVAC Systems with Efficiency

If you’re torn between a split system and the alternatives but want something that’ll keep doing more with less energy, the former is the way to go.

Ducted systems, while useful, require more space to install and can cost twice the amount that you would pay each month with a split system. They’re expensive to do repairs on when something breaks. Stick with a split system and you’ll get fewer repairs and better efficiency throughout the life of the unit.

HVACs that are Easy to Maintain

Regardless of what cooling system you use, it won’t take long for it to get dirty. One big advantage of new split systems is their simple designs. The indoor unit portions are very easy to wipe down. Filters are permanent and come clean again after a simple rinse. And even if you run it straight for a week without turning it off, the vents would produce no odors.

Cleaning isn’t always the thing that sets one’s sights on an AC and heater. But it’s frequently the complaint of buyers that are stuck with low-performance units. Any with a build that’s good for self-maintenance is suggested. This preference has seen greater interest with consumers.

Split systems do more than make you comfortable. They can increase your savings, make rooms that were previously uncomfortable relaxing, and lower your carbon footprint. All of these are part of what HVACs consumers and manufacturers do when seeking out or selling split systems.

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