Top 5 salesforce administrator certification course

Top 5 salesforce administrator certification course

Salesforce skills and certifications are in great demand in the information technology business, and with a few certifications under your belt, you’ll be well-positioned to further your career. 

But what is the most effective strategy for studying salesforce administrator certification course exams? A Salesforce certification course online is a great place to begin. We’ll go over several options for you to choose from, whether you’re new to Salesforce or need to brush up on your skills.

Top 5 Courses

  • The Complete Salesforce Classic Administrator Certification

This online program is a comprehensive salesforce admin certification training that will cover everything you need to know to acquire a career as a salesforce admin, including salesforce security, the differences between roles and profiles, salesforce lighting experience, and much more.

The following are the primary topics covered in this course:

  • Using Salesforce as a platform
  • Salesforce’s safety is paramount.
  • Salesforce has a mobile application.

You’ll also gain hands-on experience with the platform and learn every detail you need to know to become a skilled salesforce admin, pass the test with confidence, and receive your official certificate.


  • The Complete Salesforce Classic Administrator by Udemy

You’ll get immediate access to 10.5 hours of on-demand video, 17 articles, 2 downloadable resources, and 1 practice exam when you sign up. The seminar starts with a demonstration of how to create a free account. You’ll also learn about the platform’s foundational principles as well as the mechanics of adopting the Lightning Experience in Salesforce.

Mike Wheeler, a Salesforce trainer, and Aaron Wheeler, an Adobe certified specialist, will lead the class. It’s for those who are new to Salesforce and those who have some expertise and wish to take the Salesforce Administrator Certification Exam.


  • Salesforce Administration: The Big Picture [Pluralsight]

The workshop will delve into the inner workings of the Salesforce ecosystem, demonstrating how Salesforce can be utilized for more than simply CRM reasons, such as generating apps and objects. In a nutshell, this Pluralsight course is the best way to study for the Salesforce Administration exam.

This course will teach you:

  • The workings of salesforce.
  • Create apps for salesforce
  • Make more complicated reports.

Reporting, data, bulk loading, interacting with users, how to expand Salesforce with customization, establishing a custom object and records, and much more will all be covered.

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  • Prepare for Your Salesforce Administrator Credential by Trailhead 

Preparing for your Salesforce Administrator Certification Exam using Trailhead is a lot of fun. This 53-hour course starts with an overview of the exam so you’ll know what to anticipate when it’s time to take the exam. A Salesforce organization setup task follows the job. After completing the essential work, you’ll move to the first Salesforce Platform Basics module.

You’ll be expected to complete several tasks and projects as the course advances to demonstrate your understanding of the material. The program closes off with helpful study aids and a practice exam. Enrollment is free, but you’ll need to create a Trailhead account to get started.


  •  The Complete Salesforce Advanced Administrator Certification

With twenty-eight hours of video content, this online Salesforce course is one of the most comprehensive and advanced courses available. It will prepare you to take and pass the test with ease and confidence, ensuring that you will be Salesforce admin certified.

The following are some of the essential abilities you will acquire in this course:

  • All facets of the salesforce platform’s security access.
  • The automation procedure.
  • The cloud-based sales application.

The course will begin with creating custom objects and apps, followed by relationship types, record-level access, security in general, automation tools, data management, and more.


The best approach to ensure your success is to enroll in a recognized Salesforce certification course. You’ll eliminate the difficulty of deciding which ideas to focus on and boost your chances of passing on the first try. Along with salesforce admin courses, there are the best deep learning courses online that will help you boost your career accordingly. 


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