Top Five Things You Should Not Skip While Your Visit to Abu Dhabi

Top Five Things You Should Not Skip While Your Visit to Abu Dhabi

Being the largest amongst the 7 constituencies of the United Arab Emirates and being the capital city, Abu Dhabi is a place of wonder with several tourist attractions that attract tourists worldwide. Being situated in the middle-east, it combines the cultural as well as the modern theme to give its citizens and tourists the most memorable experiences of their lives. Abu Dhabi has it all if you are looking for something memorable that will last a lifetime. It is one of the best places that a traveller can think of when it comes to experiencing the amazing tourist places in the middle-east and the UAE specifically. The desert city offers some unforgettable journeys to the desert of Rub’ al Khali that takes you to Safari adventures and challenges as one of the most trending tourist attractions in the region. Did you know Abu Dhabi covers 87 per cent of the UAE territory? Well, we are here to explore the wonders of this marvellous city and give you a list of the things that you should definitely not miss while vacationing in Abu Dhabi and exploring the adventures in the desert and the city.

Desert Safari Abu Dhabi

How can we forget the Desert Safari Abu Dhabi when visiting this part of UAE? This is a famous tourist attraction of the desert city and attracts most of the tourists because of its adventure rides into the desert, followed by a barbeque dinner while watching the entertaining belly dancers after the sunset. The Desert Safari Abu Dhabi also includes dune-bashing and sandboarding into the Rub’ al Khali during the day and an amazing evening post the adventure.

Hot Air Balloon Ride with Gourmet

It is no surprise that because of the fantastic view the city and the Rub’ Al Khali desert nearby has to offer, an overview of its landscape is a must. Keeping this in mind, the tourism of Abu Dhabi offers its tourists a hot air balloon ride as one of its major tours. It includes pick up and drop off for specific hotels and during the ride, which lasts for 45 minutes approximately; it also facilitates wifi connection, entertains the guests with a falcon show, and provides food and drinks to top it all off. If you’re not afraid of a little height and love the sunset, then be sure to not miss it.

Abu Dhabi Mangrove Kayaking Tour

Want to explore the flora of Abu Dhabi? Kayaking in the canals around Eastern Mangrove National Park is something that you must experience. It offers the necessary equipment and guides for kayaking and provides safety instructions and briefing on the sights you will come across during the exploration. Whether you are alone or in a group is no concern as the kayaks will be adjusted according to your convenience and be given basic guidelines to be followed and flexible timing as per your choice for an amazing kayaking experience.

Warner Bros. World

The Warner Bros. World is one of the best places to visit if you want child-like fun in the city. It’s sure to bring out the child in you with all its famous cartoon characters coming alive for your entertainment. This iconic indoor theme park in Abu Dhabi is one of its first kind and features all kinds of fun shows and joy rides. This fun park is one that can be recognized from afar for its amazing features and tourist attractions as you experience your childhood days again as soon as you step your foot on its premises. The friendly cartoon characters are sure to give a memorable experience that will last a lifetime.

Yas Water World     

This world-famous Waterworld is one of its kind and has been a major tourist attraction. Located in Yas Island, it boasts several fun and exciting rides and slides for people of all ages; from the Bubble’s Barrel to the Bandit Bomber, the park has it all. It also has other attractions that will keep you hooked for the entire day and will leave you wanting more. The park provides all kinds of facilities to the guests, from swimwear shops to Locker facilities and restaurants for the hunger pangs after all the rides of the day; this place is definitely going to make your trip to Abu Dhabi unforgettable.

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