How to Choose a Hat That Suits the Shape of Your Face

How to Choose a Hat That Suits the Shape of Your Face

As the summer season approaches, many women will be looking forward to refreshing their wardrobes. Buying some new hats will feature high on their shopping agenda. However, choosing a new hat can be bewildering given the choice of styles and shapes. The choice can prove even more difficult considering summer hats need to give you adequate protection from the blazing sun, make you look good, and covers up your bad hair days. The right choice of a hats will flatter your looks, complement your attire, boost your confidence, and allow you to revel in the impact you create wherever you go. How you look with a hats depends on the shape and style of the hat and other factors like how well it fits, the occasion, and especially the shape of your face. An overview of the hats that go with different face shapes:

Long Face

If you have a long face, you need to avoid a hat that further accentuates its length. For example, a beanie hats exposes your entire face and elongates its appearance. Even a floppy hats with a deep crown can stretch your face due to the horizontal angle it creates. On the other hand, a beret hats can reduce the length of your face because it covers your forehead. A trapper hat can also be handy during cold weather because it keeps you cozy and lends width to your face, making it look more proportionate. According to Men’s Journal, trapper hats became very fashionable in the 2000s. When you have a long face but want to look good, choose hats with wide brims, fitted hats, and hats that cover the forehead. You must avoid hats with short brims and shallow crowns.

Square Face

If you have a square face, you will need your hat to make the sharp angles softer. You should, therefore, never choose a hats with angles like a fedora since it will clash with your face. People with square faces will benefit by wearing a floppy hat due to its wide and soft brim. You can also consider berets, beanies, or even hats with a slouch fit like a cloche hat that flatters the shape of your face by lending it certain softness.

Heart-Shape Face

While many consider a heart-shaped face beautiful, it does prevent you from wearing wide-brimmed and circular hats as their shape enhances the width of your forehead and the cheekbones while making your jaw look narrow. Headgear like baseball caps, jockey caps, and Newsboy caps also make your jaw look narrow and, therefore, you should avoid them. You will be better off selecting a narrow brim hat and an angular shape like a fedora hat or a trilby hat. When the weather turns cold, you can wear a felt fedora hat or a thin-knit sock hat that serves to elongate your face without adding more width to the top of your head.

Round Face

People with round faces should be careful not to choose a hat shape that makes their faces seem rounder. It means they need to avoid round hats, especially those with soft and wide brims. They must also avoid wearing beanies since they accentuate your facial roundness. Ideally, you need to choose a hat you can wear above or on your hairline since it can help create the impression of length to balance the roundness of your face. A high crown will also help to elongate your facial appearance. If you have a round face, you can also experiment with angular hats to add dimension to your bone structure. A fedora hat can work wonders for your appearance, as can any hat with a long shape as it can elongate your facial appearance.

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Diamond Face

When you have cheekbones and the area around your eyes is wider than your forehead, and you have a narrow and short jaw, it gives the impression that your face has a diamond shape. To improve your appearance, you need to think about choosing a hat that will add length to your face. Typically, you can achieve it by choosing hats that sit on your hairline or even a little further back. When you choose a hat with a shallow crown, you can wear it a little bit further on your head and add length to your face. You must avoid floppy hats that sit low on your head


Because of the great variety of options available to women, choosing the right hat is difficult. In addition to your general physique, the clothes you wear, and your accessories, paying attention to the shape of your face is vital. According to experts, the best way of buying a new hat is to decide why you are buying it, pick a shape and style that goes with your facial shape, and verify that it goes with your outfit and personality. An important part of whether a hat looks good on you is your ability to carry it off with confidence.

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