Trying to hire the best candidate? Use skills testing software

Trying to hire the best candidate? Use skills testing software

If you’re a recruiter trying to get the best applicants then a candidate skills testing software solution is a great asset. Find one that integrates perfectly with the recruitment software your agency is already using.


The jobs market is generally competitive. And with the added pressure of making quick and quality placements, recruiters will find their jobs taxing. Online skills testing is extremely useful and is significantly helpful to recruiters.


Who is the best candidate? And why is it important for recruiters to identify them?

When a recruiter starts seeking top talent for the hiring company, they want the most skilled candidates in the market. It is their objective to find job applicants who are the most talented and qualified. 

It becomes vital for recruiters to identify them because if they don’t get to the talented candidates first, the competition will. But another problem recruiters face is how will they recognise which of the applicants are actually a suitable match?

The value of skills testing software 

Candidate skills assessment is an integral part of recruiting. When a job advert is published, recruiters will start getting hundreds of applications from across different job boards. This can make evaluating the applications a complicated process. It is also a time-consuming process.

However, utilising online skills testing software makes candidate assessment easy, efficient and effective.

It is of great help in –

  • Filtering applications
  • Making mass hiring easier
  • Checking for skills exaggeration
  • Spotlighting candidate talent

When hundreds of applications start flowing in, recruiters need weeks to sort through all the CVs and cover letters to make an initial selection. Using skills assessment software quickly filters the talent. 

The online skills assessment is very easy to administer and use for both recruiters and candidates. Thus, recruiters can easily adopt this whenever they have to fill in lots of vacancies at once. The tests are standardised which means everyone is evaluated equally and fairly with the same set of questions. Any risk of bias is also removed as it is all automatic. 

It is not uncommon for recruiters to find during interviews that their candidate might have exaggerated the level of their abilities. This can be a waste of time for recruiters and the hiring companies. Thus, it is much valuable to leverage the power of online skills testing software and assess the candidates as soon as possible.

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Once the tests are completed by the candidates, the assessment results are immediately sent out to the recruiter’s email inbox. This quickens the hiring process. Recruiters can check the test results instantly. It is through these results that the recruiters can understand where the candidate’s strengths lie and the areas where they have a lot of potential. 

Types of skills assessment tests

A good skills testing software will have a strong library of tests to offer its users. Some of the most popular assessments include :


  • Literacy skills test
  • Numeracy skills test
  • Accounting skills test
  • Microsoft Office skills test
  • Data entry and typing skills test

These are some of the most basic skills and are suitable for a variety of roles. Recruitment agencies seeking a Microsoft Office testing software can utilise a good candidate skills testing software. This same assessment system will have a range of tests suitable across different industries – from accounting skills testing to driving skills testing and healthcare skills testing.

Agencies should ensure that the skills assessment software of their choice can cater to any of their demands. Validate this before signing the final dotted line. 

And it is smart to confirm that this software will work perfectly with the agency’s recruitment software. This integration is critical as a recruitment CRM is a tool used daily in recruiting. Having a candidate skills assessment software that matches the CRM software perfectly is mandatory.

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