Who Are the Founders and Why is Refinery29 Changing?

Who Are the Founders and Why is Refinery29 Changing?

If you’re an employee of Refinery29, you know how toxic the company’s culture can be. You probably know the website went from jewel tone to black a few months ago. But have you been wondering what’s really going on at the company? And who are the founders and what’s going on with its leadership? Read on to discover the answers. Also, find out why Refinery29 is changing. Its leadership has changed, and its mission statement has also changed.

Refinery29’s leadership retooled

In a new direction, women’s lifestyle website Refinery29 has retooled its leadership. Founder and global editor-in-chief Christine Barberich will step down, making way for more diverse leadership. Her departure comes after black employees voiced concerns last week over the site’s lack of diversity. In an open letter, former Refinery29 employee Ashley Alese Edwards cited the toxic culture at the company as one reason she left.

While Refinery29 listened to the concerns of its staff, it did not reflect its mission. It wanted stories that trended quickly and were highly labor-intensive. Reporters were asked to write 12-15 stories a day, many of which required original photography and illustrations. A seasoned newspaper beat reporter would only manage to produce a few stories a day, let alone twelve. Employees were expected to present those stories in a beautifully packaged fashion. However, some criticized the company for this culture as a reason for burnout and other problems.

Its website changed from jewel-tone to black

Refinery29 began as a fashion blog in 2005, but soon branched out to include more topics that women were concerned about, including pay gaps and sexual harassment. In 2016, the site introduced its The 67% Project, which advocates for female representation of all sizes, including the growing population of plus-size women. The website also promoted self-care, with a focus on women’s health and self-image. The website’s recent color scheme also shifted from jewel-tone to black, a decision that the company said was necessary to protect its reputation.

Refinery29 isn’t the only site changing from jewel-tone to black. The site’s new color scheme reflects the Black Lives Matter movement. After the shift in colors, many employees expressed their concerns, and a thread started on Twitter was created in response to these complaints. Ultimately, the company apologized for the decision and promised to change the website’s color scheme in the future.

Its founders

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